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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

by Ditronus

Original Post

Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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Okay for all you people screaming for Nightcap nerf; put a sock in it and learn how to aim, dodge or think. 


75 health, 2 defensive/evasive abilities and one powerful offensive/defensive... depending on the usage. You know what that equates to? A ninja class. Just like you can find in any moba. They usually have lowest health but highest DPS or 1 powerful attack because they frankly need it. 


I’m a Nightcap main and I’ve played since the (technical?) alpha. They already did a few changes to Nightcap and even then ppl were already pleading for nerfs. But why? Cause you ppl can’t land a couple of solid hits on that character?


Yes, if a person knows what they’re doing, it’s an extremely effective character, but guess what, so is basically any other. And before you start saying ‘a whole team filled with NC’s is OP’, if they’re good then yes. But have you seen a team filled with engineers? I have... it’s no joke. 


It takes 1 charged shot from a Spyglass canon, 1 well placed Dynamite Escape, 1 charged shot from 80’s hero, one fully charged hero punch, 2/3 shotgun blasts from scientist and who knows what else to kill the character. I’ve been downed by things and was left wondering what happend because it went that quick. Dare tell me that you’ve had a similar experience going from full health to seeing a tombstone without you even being able to respond to it by NC! Even with Kung Fu that ain’t happening. 


So next time you ask for the nerf, look at your own skills first

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-Q I somewhat agree. I think his king fu might be strong enough, but they have a lot of things going for them. The fact is it is hard to hit them, especially if people like me bind their jump to a shoulder button so they jump while they attack. They are nimble, have a small hit box, almost three escapes, and their primary weapon has a wide projectile so it's easy for them to hit others.

I'm not sure nerfing them right now hard is a good response, but I think their escape/cloak needs to have one charge. Having it grant near complete invisibility, a quick teleport, and a hig movement speed boost is too much. They are able to get out of any fight they want to. Every one shot you list (forgot super hero charge punch and his r1), requires a lot of precision to pull off.
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Ditronus True true. I can see making balance changes but ppl completely want the character gone or other abilities is madness!

But like I said, she’s a ninja glass. They’re supposed to be high agility classes that attack swiftly and get away. That’s their style. Look at movies even, they attack and are gone before you know they’re there! If they get caught, it’s some high powered multi enemy killing slaughterhouse goings on XD.

But to be serious. Look at Paladins for instance. There’s a character named Maeve and one named... skye. Nightcap is basically Skye. They roughly have the same skills... I wouldn’t even be afraid to say that they’re so similar that Nightcap is a direct rip off basically :0. Same ‘concealment’ move where she walks faster and can use as an escape. Same low life. Only thing that’s different is Skye uses a weapon that’s close range, whereas you can snipe with NC’s. This is where Maeve comes in; the other assassin class. NC has the same type of weapon as maeve. Basically a projectile version of Maeve’s throwing blade. And NC has the same ‘Get me out of here’ move as maeve, only NC goes almost completely invisible whereas maeve just moves A LOT quicker.

So maybe 1/2 Shadow Sneak instead of 3 or maybe a delay in using it, other than that, she doesn’t need anything else balanced in my opinion. In other games I’ve seen the same story and people outplay the characters there too.

Oh right by the way, in another thread I saw someone mentioning the snap on to enemies to shoot thing. Maybe thats why I find her to be less OP, cause I have my auto aim off so I do all the work. Just sayin’

Thx for your constructive input ditronus
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-Q I do know a fully charged super brains purple punch thing (holding R2 to shoot his punch) one hit kills night caps
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@NeonPawprints That as well yea... thanks for the input, someone else said the same, lemme just edit it in my original post
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

★★★ Guide

Well, if you can be deadly with any character, why play as Nightcap as your main? I've only played as her for half a match. But aside from her stealth, her Fu attack, and zipping all over the place, I think the main reason people like being her is because her primary weapon is forgiving. You basically just have to aim in an opponents general direction, and you'll do major damage. Where every other character I've played so far requires you to be precise in your aiming, just to hit the body, let alone land headshots for any real damage. Nightcap basically lets you play like GW2 does, where you can be successful without being an expert shooter. Which I think most of us GW players are not. One of the reasons we love the franchise so much is because it was about fun not being so technically skilled. I think that's one of the main issues I have with this game. They want you to be way more accurate in your shooting ability than GW ever expected of you, while making it even more difficult to do so by the nature of how small the characters are and their jerky movements. 


I do think the shooting mechanics alone will turn off a huge chunk of the classic GW crowd. Those were the shooter games for people like me, who don't like shooters. I've never played Overwatch or any of the others I've read ppl on here trying to compare BFN to, but the very fact you can make a comparison to those games, means it's lost something GW has. GW is in a league of it's own. BFN doesn't belong there.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

★★★★ Novice

Well then they need to increase the damage of other classes so they have a fighting chance OR make one solid zombie counter to the Nightcap. (The Space Cadet is the best ive found).


I don't agree that it's solely an inability of skill with other characters. I used to destroy with the basic zombie soldier or scientist class but now they are almost useless.


Additionally, your point about having to land 1 shot with Spyglass, 80's Hero, or the dynamite is basically my arguement as well. Although they hit hard IF they hit, that is exactly the problem. The Nightcap moves so fast you absolutely HAVE TO hit them the first time. Because if you miss, you now have to charge up to have an attack that does any kind of damage at all. And by the time you charge your second shot, the nightcap is at your feet invisible at hyper speed Fung Fu'ing you to death or running circles around you melting you with his main attack that almost never misses. Also, the charged up spyglass is zoomed in so good luck spotting the Nightcap when hes less than 5 feet away.


Overall, playing the Nightcap is a blast because it's like shooting fish in a barrel. I just want other characters to be equally fun to play. 

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-QIf you don't think this character needs a nerf, you are drunk. They have so much going for them it's ridiculous.

Insane escapes, insane mobility, insane 1 shot potential and insane damage per second.

This character is not only a walking mindless 1 shot, but also has a billion cloaks, a huge slow and his autos do a billion damage while also being able to snipe with them.

Don't be bias, your "main" needs a nerf and even if Fung Fu was nerfed hard the character would still be good simply because he does so much damage on his autos.


You are naming all these things that one shot nightcap, but all those things are SKILL SHOTS. Something nightcap's fung fu lacks, it's skilless and noob friendly. Something so brainless and easy to do shouldn't be a 1 shot.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-Q I wouldn't want Nightcap removed. Its one of the few badass looking characters in this game. Just reduce that speed or make the main weapon projectiles smaller.
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

★ Pro
@xMuninnx So I played with almost every zombie character and will make a thread regarding that side; heads up, it ain’t good.

I wholeheartedly agree that they need to up basically every character’s att power cause they feel sincerely lacking.

All good points regarding the charged shots, but lets say the NC does come close, 3 punches from super zombie, 3 shots (albeit this requires some quick turning skills) from the hero, I think 4 shots from my pirate and still dead. So if the NC is a worthless shot close quarters, you can mostly win.

@Gowron248, I’m definitely drunk XD but that’s beside the point. NC has much going on? Are you kidding me.

Have you even read my posts? If so I guess you’d be the one in Paladins calling for nerf or removal of both skye and maeve and you’re likely one to say ‘Wraith is OP’.

This game isn’t high skill shooter material. It’s fun, rush and no brainer. Some characters have that pin point precision shot, but all of them are secondary! The game’s meant to be fast paced.

I’m not biased at all. If you read properly I’m not against altering her in some way. But you ppl complaining about ‘oww I get kung fu’d alot, it’s no skill OP attack’ need to simmer down. Some characters have attacks that compliment them. This is a character that dies quick so the last resort is usually kung fu... or first resort for ppl wanting to get a quick kill.

How come you ppl complain about NC but nobody’s saying anything about the imp... mech suit, also AOE attack and crazy fast shooting? Know why, cause that’s exactly what happend in GW2! Every person maining plants and their family complaining that he’s OP! It’s unbelievable that we’re going down this road again.

Yea, the one shots require either skill or luck. But what do you call 2-4 shotting a NC in 2-5 seconds? Does that require those hard twitch muscle skills? Noooo, but for me as NC to CQC a damn 150+ health character with half his health as my ‘base health’ is suddenly no-skill? Gtduck of here.

@tristkiss, like I mentioned, I like high agility characters. Thats why I main her. I never had that in GW1/2 so now I’m enjoying it and being condemned for it XD. I was a marine biologist/footsoldier main in GW2 but I could play any character. I like being close and doing hard damage to ppl who have trouble handling CQC fast.

I’ve played almost every character in this game and they just don’t feel right. The characters on plant team I play with are NC, snapdragon and Sunflower. For zombies, I don’t really like any of the ones I played with but I’d say only SuperZombie scratches my interest. So it’s not like I’m only using NC. I did lvl her to master and afterwards was like ‘lemme see who’s next’.
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