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Re: Nfs or forza ??

by BVBgamer88

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Nfs or forza ??

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Why cant nfs just add all cars to there games like forza? There for ea on all platforms there for will have more gamers = more money.


Instead of only have a little selection of cars ( as soon as there all customize theres nothing to do) ea needs to add more cars, more customization and up there game  

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Re: Nfs or forza ??

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@MiniHobit90 Well,Forza focus on the quantity rather than quality of cars.New cars,Old cars all the same.There are lots of returning cars from FM4 in recent games,and they all recycle the old US-Spec models for non-US setting.Thats the disadvantage of Forza.Also lots of very new cars in Forza like DBS SL and 992 Carrera S.But NFS focus on custom nowadays,NFS use custom to let player have unique cars of themselves.So even with way less cars compare to Forza,fans of current NFS still enjoy the game.NFS never treat a huge car list as its goal or purpose,from early Cannonball era to current FF era,thrill of chase or satisfaction of custom are the different core of NFS,so even without a huge car list,NFS can still reach the core of itself.
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Re: Nfs or forza ??

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@MiniHobit90 I think Forza have exlusive licence for some cars, thats why EA cant get them for NFS. Etch Lamborgini Centenario i have never seen that car in any NFS game, anyway in FH4 you dont need too worry about cops, no healtbar no rubberbanding AI. Overall FH4 is a more relaxing game, if you compare too Heat plus that game isent out yet, FH4 you can play now with two add on maps Lego island and Furtune Island.
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Re: Nfs or forza ??

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@BVBgamer88 Centenario was in mobile NFS No Limits
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Re: Nfs or forza ??

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@GK3512 Ah okay i dident know that, i never play games on my phone so.Anyway i suspect that EA only ,add cars that they have personal intrest for.But who knows mayby im wrong, EA is beeing EA so thats not a bomb.
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