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New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

by Quasinerdo

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New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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I like the Sunken Cell SH for a bit of variety but the last boss is a total PITA as a colossus. I was in a group with 2 colossus, storm and interceptor.

Constantly moving shield out and firing on him when he was between attacks etc.... I have still never died so many times in this game.



I'll describe my issues - but am broadly interested in how people are playing colossus successfully on this boss. Not theory crafting by those who play other classes or just MSU, but actual experiences.



I've been playing it at GM2, fit-out is a mix of legendary and MW items (700 PR … bugged equipment aside).

No specific push for lighting resist.

I'm kitted out for range with Endless Siege and rocket launcher (damage and health regen),

voltaic for CC and to set up for others to combo.

I have a focus on items with +armour where I can.


My problem is the shield mechanic for the colossus in this encounter and the AOE or multi-directional strikes from the boss. Homing missiles and the boss' attacks mean you are vulnerable nearly all of the time on offence and the issues of switching to shield and trying t move often result in you being hit drained to death by the lightning.


Observing the other Colossus and team members both colossi were down 70% of the fight I reckon (1 or both of us). I have never died so much in this game. The other 2 players barely lost HP as their shielding, abilities  and speed gave them tools to dodge the attacks.


The boss attacks continue to focus a downed team member - adds a need to time the assist on them, but that timing is often too short between attacks for a res without being lightninged again.


Re-spawn seems to deliberately cast you in at moderately close range to the boss.


Melee 1 shots you.


Lightning attacks that stun are enough to kill you if he has chained them at you - even with shield out as he busts it then stun-locks you with the next hit.


All in all I found it a frustrating and painful experience at the end of a decent dungeon. 

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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I had similar first GM2 run as a Colossus. Had Solvent green and Final Judgement, thought they would do nice 300% combos. Dont wanna take it anymore, this long preparing mortar, slow charge flight speed and in the last moment the Fury turns, moves its hand and its wasted.


So now I go with Best defense for regen. And Sentinels vengeance for acid effect. Its more reliable. Mb I'll use Ralners blaze instead of autocannon for additional status.


Meleeing it is very risky. Unfortunately my Sentinel bugged and I could not apply acid, so I picked the moments when it was launching missiles, used Voltaic dome to do at least some combos even if I get some damage, still enough time to pull back.


For teamrevives need to choose the right moment. Right after bubbles from his missiles disappear. Even if you get hit with simple ones, still not painful as autoaimed bubbles. In other situations, dodge and run till they respawn.

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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Love the new stronghold, but agree the boss is a horrible grind.


My strategy that i will be using after testing last night.


Float high along water, keeps you cool.  Use the hanging constructs for additional cover.  Avoids the radial tick and direct dmg....well depending on the angle.


Problem with this is; your weapons effective range and collecting ammo before it disappears.


This is not a good Colossus fight.


I use

MW Best defense 2x charges

Lgd voltaic

MW Ralners 185% dmg

Lgd soothing touch 

6 of 8 lgnds components I think.  748 legend Colossus.  Loaded with armor bonuses.


I am thinking of incorporating my lgnd Wyvern Blitz loaded for dmg.  I will lose 90% armor taking my Soothing touch out.  


I believe that floating high and using the hanging constructs is the best strategy for me right.  Jump strafing did not work for me.  


Does anyone else on the Colossus die almost instantly after using the Ultimate?  

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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@Papa_Wah00 wrote:


Does anyone else on the Colossus die almost instantly after using the Ultimate?  

Depends on the moment you use it. Simple missile arent that nasty, Best defense will regen you. But if bubble catches you... So I use it right after I escape from the bubbles.

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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I started using it in hover so after animation I just drop out of the sky.  Does not work all the time.

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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I ran with random Interceptor and he was commenting that the boss may be susceptible to acid.  He informed that he was getting combos easily.  


I thought about running Acid Slugs.  I would like to hear from others that may have had similar results.


I don't think I am good enough to stay alive with taking Best defense out and putting in the Acid spitter.  


Is melee viable?  I know it's good to test things out, but it feels like melee right now is not a viable option for dmg.


Really stinks that this is such a poor boss fight for the Big guy.


I am a ranger main that runs mostly an inside game; meaning Radiant fortess, mch pistol, with other gear to support inside/melee game and it got painful in a hurry.  That teleport swipe was brutal.


Will the Big Guys shield take a swipe hit with out dieing?  I am going try some different things maybe today.

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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I went in first time as a Colossus, second time as an Interceptor.  Both times I was able to do a lot of damage, but I died a lot.  Frustrating for sure.  Like the OP, never died so much.  Colossus 774, Interceptor 788.  That said, the most success we had as a team was coordinated attacks at his upper arm chest area.  If you are doing damage to his arm, he can't raise it to do damage or melee.  I had a long period of life while standing rather close to him alternating shots from Best Defense and Soothing Touch, both Legendary.  Problem comes when reloading or in cool-down.


It's my opinion that if the team works together at continuous attacks at the upper arm / chest area that the Unfathomed will be brought down rather quickly.


I tried the new in game switch-a roo feature and pulled out a Legendary Truth of Tarsis.  Serious Damage if you can hit him in the upper arm / chest area.  I was seeing 90,000+ on good shots.  Problem being reload speed and looking through the scope can get you killed.


I think as players get more experience with this boss, we'll figure out better ways to survive and take him down in a more efficient manner.

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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Keep your distance and take cover.  


Titans Hail

Endless siege

Best Defense


Thermal Cooling if you have an armor buff on it


There is no going toe to toe with that thing


Softened blow is good to if it has a good armor inscription with it

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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TBH I think the best party vs this guy is interceptors and storms... maybe pure interceptors 


anyways... my experience with interceptors in my team is that one of them will melee the dude's feet 24/7 which basically triggers him into melee the entire time and it felt like he wasnt shooting us because there was an interceptor stabbing it's toes constantly


but yeah... more than 1 colossus is bad... Ill deploy my shield to block projectiles, itll turn out to be a lightning orb and ill be TRYING to jump out of the AoE but its like a friggin gravity well and i swear to god it slows down my jump out and i just die


also, the boss attacking corpses needs to be fixed... although part of me wondering if im serving the team better as a dead colossus collecting aggro than alive and shooting

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Re: New SH boss and Colossus - how to fight?

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THanks for the input so far Standard smile.


I gave up on melee very quickly with him. He was one shotting me through shield with his swipe.


Constant lateral movement helped and keeping zoomed has ES on spin up all the time to target the arm/shoulder.


I also noticed the special for boosting damage didn't appear to boost damage or attract aggro. Might be better running the damage shield to mitigate the lightning. 


I am definitely looking at swapping out my endless siege for something that enables more combos. I have one with a 900 round mag and another with 500 odd and +100% damage so it feels like that's a lot to give up (especially having to go hunt ammo with some other weapons). 


My conundrum is I have an LMG that has 80% armour, 25% damage (global) and +% health drop so it's my best for secondary slot for now.


Thanks for the heads up re Acid vulnerability. Standard smile


I think consumables I would take armour, combo, and autocannon/weapon.   Thoughts?


It's hard to work this one just now as gear and possibly components have broken bonuses - such as +recharge speed not working.


I have also raised a feedback thread about non-triggering ultimate, and delays (but I don't think lag) in being able to use Q/E abilities on my colossus. Also the shield deploying.  These are issues in combat but not when I'm stunned or under effects. Wanted to see if others have the same issue before I log a bug report.  

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