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Re: New Patch New Cheater alot more

by Faithly88

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New Patch New Cheater alot more

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Hope the devs reading this one cause your not keeping them away. Wish you could just banned china for good before its too late for the game. Also its been like forever every match whole squads of cheaters. Not just one but all of them all the time. This game will end if this keep going there covering there trace by buying battle pass just like that? really? you should always check those people who get the 20kills in one game monitor them. like its not easy to just kill one you know that right? its not like all they kill is standing. its really annoying now all of this cheaters in the game at the same time headshot kills at there enemies. Hope you on to them now cause this is f*cking crazy with all of them in the game.

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Re: New Patch New Cheater alot more

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what you talking about? I haven't seen a cheater since the patch. Don't get me wrong they are prob remamking the hacks to work after patch, But they are not all over like you describe

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Re: New Patch New Cheater alot more

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every single game on asian server has a cheater or two... it's getting beyond.

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Re: New Patch New Cheater alot more

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Well, most players are on console anyway, and we'll just continue to play a 100% cheater proof game regardless.


All the PC players could uninstall right now, and Apex will keep going.


Obviously I hope things improve further for PC players, cheaters must really suck to deal with, but rest assured people are drafted and are working to bann cheaters.


It's a game of whack a mole, cut the devs of the game some slack, they're not the ones making the cheats dude.

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