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New Javelin Wishlist

by Blacksunfire

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New Javelin Wishlist

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I have 2 javelins on my wishlist right now. (both from "Mass Effect 4")


- One that munipulates the battlefield and enemies, like the "Human  Kinetisist"

- And one that would play like the the Asari Duelist

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Re: New Javelin Wishlist

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They are sort of loosely based on fantasy classes with warrior, mage, rogue and Hunter.  I'd like to see a paladin (general Tarsis suit?) and summoner (builds mechanical helpers and turrets?). Maybe monk too for another quick melee suit?

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Re: New Javelin Wishlist

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Here are a few i thought of:


An Engineer type Javelin that plays like a support class that has arm cannons that shoot meds and nano bot hots or can place turrets or ammo crates and can repair a downed Javelin from range with a channeled ability.


A Berzerker type javelin that dual wields melee weapons with different elemental effects but has ranger level armor with no shield but replenishes armor through kills aka life steal and its abilities are aoe buffs/damage.


A beast tamer that fits technology onto the animals in anthem and all it's abilities relate to that pet and its equipment whilst you hover around behind it like the storm.

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Re: New Javelin Wishlist

★★★ Apprentice
Turret builder!!!!!
Stealth invso dude!!!
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