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Never thought I'd say this

by ollDizzyllo

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Never thought I'd say this

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I'm going to buy the pass for Destiny 2. AHHHHHHH I know OMG I know. Crazy right. I said I'd never do it and Anthem was the game that was supposed to be my saving grace..alas it has failed ya boy. This game is loot, no flash, no nothing. has bugs that's about it. So I say with a heavy heart..I'm going back to D2.. I say this and die a little inside. I hate bungie..but I'm not buying the division. 

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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That's a shame, The Division 2 is pretty good.

I've been playing for about fourteen hours and it's been well-balanced and a challenge throughout. The loot is everywhere and it feels like you're constantly being rewarded for the time you're putting into the game. I can't talk about end-game yet, but as far as I know, the map fills with new enemies at about the thirty to thirty-five hour mark.

So far, it's worth every penny Standard smile

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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Have you played any of Destiny 2?  I bought the season pass and I've quit after the terrible disappointment that is Season of the Drifter.  Black Armory was a time-gated grind and a terrible letdown.  The only advantage is that it isn't bugged like Anthem and it doesn't crash.  That's it.  It used to be a spectacular game, but now it's going downhill at an alarming rate.

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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I bought The Division 2 too. I think I've given Anthem many opportunities.


And although I think it's a game with many good ideas, but I no longer have any motivation to enter to play, I already have everything and what is to come this month is absurdly regrettable. And I must say that the theme of the loot is not my motive, if the content is good I have NO problem in repeating again and again any stronghole, mission etc ... I´m a Monster Hunter player since his first game, it´s not problem for me xD


I think it was a terrible mistake the planing of the game, the bugs, the lack of content, the excuses.


I suppose it will be worth going back in time, but right now it does not deserve my personal time. And it's a shame, I really think I've defended it before my friends for a long time, but I think they're kidding us.


For me it has been a game that has come out too soon, I was not ready. And if we add the type of game that is, it´s totally a really terrible decision. Even so, by the time this game has content to enjoy, we will already have the expansion of MHW, so....


Good try Bioware xD

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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I'm close to giving up on Anthem. Played Strongholds on GM2 today after a weeks break and if anything, the loot is now worse.

6 hours straight GM2 gameplay and its felt like a waste of my time. Not a single legendary despite the supposed update.

Major let down.


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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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If you are dumb enough to buy the season pass for D2 then go for it, I purchased it when it was released knowing it was going to be another bungie POS but I did it anyway guess you cannot fix stupid! I did the forge grinds and was ok with it but when they started to bring back reskinned D1 guns again with the same old crap Quest that take nine different segments to get I knew it was a waste! Plus I hate having PVP pushed on me for weapon Quest! After that I quit that crap game and have not even downloaded that crap drifter junk! I hate Gambit as much as PVP! I will stick with Anthem because even if it has problems at least it DOES NOT HAVE CRAP PVP! So go, at least there will be one less whiner and you will tire of that crap D2 soon enough after you grind a few Quest and get garbage weapons that are reskinned. Anthem will get better with time you just have to be adult enough to have patience something this generation seems to lack along with other things! For all the Destiny fan boys remember D1 when it came out, it was hot garbage until the Taken King was released and I played it since the Beta!

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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While you should do whatever you feel like it. I been a destiny player since day when destiny 1 released. Let me be the first to say the season pass for destiny 2 is by far the most ripped off pass I have ever bought. I stopped playing destiny 3months ago. While I jump on from time to time to see what's changed and what's new, it's pretty much the same bull crap they feeding us.

Oh and just like each update and dlc they have released always always for w.e reason a bug that's killing players urges to play. It's basically making all your powerful rewards to drop way lower, that's what they call it, is screwing over every player. But funny thing is, each update, each dlc it's the same throttling experiencing they providing players.

How does a bug that makes powerful engrams from year 1 d2 keeps continuously arrive with each update lol. I love what destiny was, kinda still do. But I thought Activision was behind this nonsense, little did I know its bungies BS. But hey if you feel like playing destiny by all means, have at it

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Re: Never thought I'd say this

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I've played destiny since the beta. I know full and well that Bungie and Activision are pos. I know the game is boring and reskinned but if I payed 80 bucks for a game...I want a game not unfinished husk with no loot, no core mechanics, strongholds I can't even load into without being taken directly to a bullet sponge boss fight. If you order a burger and you pay 13 bucks for that burger and the waiter comes out with two buns and says your meat will be ready in two days..we have to wait for the cow to grow up so we can milk it for the cheese and the tomato has been planted...we're working on it but we already have your money so most of our staff has been pulled and are working on other projects. Have thanks. If I'm a whiner then so is 98 percent of the people who bought anthem the dumpster fire
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