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Re: Need for speed Carbon rework or Carbon 2

by GK3512

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Need for speed Carbon rework or Carbon 2

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For long I had been waiting for need for speed carbon franchise.

It's a really big part of my childhood and many other nfs fans I am sure that this game had a unique style,

A style that we haven't quite seen in recent NFS games.


The reason I wanted to make this topic is I want to bring the game to spotlight as it was one of my favourite nfs games 

Nd I am really looking forward on seeing a franchise of Need for speed Carbon


Just like how they made franchise for NFS games which are  familiar 

Such as NFS most wanted, NFS underground and NFS hot pursuit.


If your a NFS carbon fan 

Such as I feel welcome to talk to this topic Standard smile


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Re: Need for speed Carbon rework or Carbon 2

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@69BlueStorm69 Actually even considering original design of MW2,they werent doing it a totally continous way.Carbon itself had completed story,so there's no need for a continuation.While the original MW2 wasnt continuing the BlackBox story,it was creating a new story with original characters and no connection to old games.Hot Pursuit wasnt a story led game,so other than gameplay style,all 3 Hot Pursuit share almost nothing in common with each other.So I dont think a frnchise/sequel for Carbon will happen
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Re: Need for speed Carbon rework or Carbon 2

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They could do a rework atleast ?


Like start off carbon in a way that the story line somehow maybe able to continue 


I just honestly like the style of the game since 

It's really different compared the rest of the nfs games


It almost seems like a different approach to the whole story 


Idk about the upcoming game heat

it's somewhat similar which makes me kinda happy to know that's there is allot of customisation and such 


However I just really like carbon for its unique style

And maybe a rework is possible just to see how far it may go 

According to that maybe it could actually be possible.


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Re: Need for speed Carbon rework or Carbon 2

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@69BlueStorm69 Other than Burnout Paradise,EA hardly did any real remaster version game in recent years,also because of songs/cars(Toyota for example)license problem,it's hard to make a complete remaster with same contents.(Burnout did that for the fictional cars)
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