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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

by MandatoryIDtag

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NOX: Kill 1 enemy as Caustic while they are gassed not complete

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Hello, I've got the NOX: Kill 1 enemy as Caustic while they are gassed challenge and I'm not quite sure how to complete it.

I've killed 2 enemies while they were gassed by my traps, and 1 while an eneny was in the middle of my ultimate and none of those kill counted. Am I missing something or is there something wrong with the challenge? 


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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

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@Lelinyth you try wait the gas kill the enemy's?
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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

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I will give it a try and see how that goes. Standard smile

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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

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Kill means = knock down + thirsting (box)


There're 2 possibility:

1. Let the gas kill them (knock down + box)


2. While they're inside the gas, kill with the gun. (you seems doing this one)


What is the exact verbiage?


Most likely #1. You have to use gas to knock and until they die.

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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

If its just to kill a enemy under the effect of your gas its quite straight forward. You want to be in an enclosed area with a lot of gas traps set up. (Dont forget you can trigger them just by shooting to blanket an area) since the gas doesnt effect you, you'll have a huge situational advantage. 

Could try the good ol' caustic bunker drop and see where that gets you. Tongue out

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Re: Daily Caustic challenge

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@LelinythYou have to kill them while gassed (with the green halo around them)
It's not that easy since people try to leave the gas as fast as possible, especially from traps.

the easyest way is certainly to ult building campers then finish them before they leave or get killed by gas.


bunker can also works.

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NOX: Kill 1 enemy as Caustic while they are gassed not completing

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I have a quest as Caustic to get a kill while the enemy is gassed, it doesn't specify to kill them with the gas though I landed bunker, trapped them in a room and gassed them as well just to make sure, as well as gassing with both Q and Z and killing with a gun while they are glowing green, STILL no completion. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed or am I just doing exactly what it says but still doing it wrong?

I have also finished downed people both while they are gassed and with the gas itself.

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Re: NOX: Kill 1 enemy as Caustic while they are gassed not completing

Community Manager

You should be able to complete this by killing them a weapon while they're gassed. Like another player mentioned, heading into Bunker so they're trapped in some close quarters is a great opportunity to complete it.


Good luck with your experiments!


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Re: NOX: Kill 1 enemy as Caustic while they are gassed not complete

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Sorry to necro this post, but these challenges are still frustrating to me as a Caustic main. All other uses of the word "kill" for the purpose of challenges, seems to refer to the moment you finish their standing hitpoints, to knock them. However, with this specific challenge it seems to mean the moment you finish their knocked hp, to turn them into a deathbox. I'm not sure why the inconsistency. If someone demonstrates different, I'll rescind, but this seems to be how it works, to me.

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