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NFS Heat Burnout Glitch

by RecklessLilJ

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NFS Heat Burnout Glitch

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A couple people showed me a burnout glitch when you put drift style to brake with any rear wheel drive car and hold square to launch while it's in last gear and it'll launch off. Here's an example get a f40 with 4.0L V8 Max it out and put drag tires on. Set drift style to brake and hold R2 and L2 down while in 6th gear and hold square down all the way and don't release until  u get to 80mph. it'll launch like a rocket all the way til 80 almost 90 mph then once you release it downshift into 3rd really quick. Its very effective and unfair. People also do this  with the z06 Corvette but in 2nd gear l2 and r2 and hold square to launch once it gets to 20 release square and it launches like crazy. Please address this issue EA please make this important issue!!!!!!! I know I'm a random guy on a forum but please see this and consider it! 

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Re: NFS Heat Burnout Glitch

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@RecklessLilJ Stop snitching you ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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