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Re: NFS HEAT - Car List: BMW M3 GTR

by Jacobba55

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Re: NFS HEAT - Car List: BMW M3 GTR

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It just insults me that they misspelled Razor like that, especially since this is the developers we're talking about! 😂

To be fair, there is a dispute over whether it's Razor's or "Player's" car. I don't really mind, it's definitely the Player's car though. The issue is that Razor is probably easier to give the car name to, rather than calling it "Player's BMW M3 GTR." The E46 just tells you that it is, as pointed out, part of the 2000-2006 3 series generation. So you could call it a BMW 3 series, a BMW M3 E46, or a BMW M3 GTR (E46) etc.
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Re: NFS HEAT - Car List: BMW M3 GTR

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@anti-loser1 Well,if they listed street legal standard M3 E46 and race version M3 GTR E46 separately,they will more likely to be 2 different cars.But since this game also listed hardtop and droptop version of the same car separately,it's just another way to boost up the car list with repetitive cars
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Re: NFS HEAT - Car List: BMW M3 GTR

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So today they released the normal E46 on the app. I wonder if that means there is an actual ‘race’ gtr ? Hopefully and fingers crossed there’s the straight cut gears and whine 

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