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NERF Opponent AI Aim

by The3rdLetter

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NERF Opponent AI Aim

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I'm trying to complete the POPS CYCLOPS medal and it's made me realize more than ever how ridiculously overtuned the AI Aim is... I should be able to dodge these attacks when timed correctly... but currently even if I use scientist or soldier mobility ability I still take damage... I initially thought this was the case during some of the plant battlechests, but now that I can see the actual beam from the dreadroots... It's clearly evident that no matter where you go they will hit you.. even if you try to dodge it in the last second of the attack.



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Re: NERF Opponent AI Aim

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I had the same problem; Cover was my only solution.


Maybe a half second or so before it fires it stops moving the beam. Either way, Dreadroots are a pain that Plants have no equivalent to in Town Center. Which I guess it the point, I'm sure Weirding Woods is SUPPOSED to be harder, but these Dreadroots are ridiculous.

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Re: NERF Opponent AI Aim

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I've always felt their aim was too... perfect but do you want to know the most ridiculous situation I saw and proved, to me, that the AI is just completely broken and don't follow the rules of the game?


When I was doing the 4th battle chest fight in Town Centre I was shooting into the "center" area with the statue when an Engineer started walking by the entrance of the alleyway, heading from left to right while I was looking straight ahead through the alleyway. He was firing at me, nonstop, but do you know what he was doing at the same time? Walking in a straight line, again from left to right, and never looked in my direction. He was firing his gun sideways, without having to look at me to aim and never missed. 


I quit after that and didn't try it again for a whole day. lol

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Re: NERF Opponent AI Aim

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It has been this cheap ever since. GW1, GW2 and now this.

I've literally been ZPG'd mid-air as i was sprinting and jumping to the side of a soldier, twice. And its even worse when the Gnomes come with their splash and perfect shots.

Seed Spit is also a classic - or anything the weaker AI units shoot. Made the Imps mobility completely pointless as jumping means getting sniped.

The new Nightcaps are also annoying with their snipes in the new Wood area. Especially when you carry a cat to the well.

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