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it is not fair in the arena

by tony6301

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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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@EA_Roger cara tem arremessos em que a bola entra na cesta mais não conta como cesta um player que joguei contra os jogadores recebiam a bola fora da quadra etc
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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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Why can't I play the NBA live game arena, which shows no proper server
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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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Why I can't play the beta,which shows no proper server?

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it is not fair in the arena

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In the ARENA, it is 1v1 game, so it needs a fair game. I hope game can stop the special skill in the ARENA. As a result, it will have fair game for 1v1 and it will not depand on special skill to win the game.

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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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Sometimes the ball is passed to a player outside of the court and not getting whistle (only baseline Never sideline) 

Currently you only need a pg who dunks only and you win. Passing is not necessary. Because running with defender is slower than running the ball driver and no auto players stand in the way. Even when they're alone. Just watching.


Once i have seen that i was going for a layup. The play switched to slo-mo i saw the c jumped towards my pg to try to block/contest. It was a miss. My player was falling to the floor but that same c was jumping towards the rebound in the opposite direction. 


You can still go through players. And sometimes the smallest can push the much bigger while they're standing.


I dont understand the shooting still. When i shoot a wide open 3 perfect with 98 westbrook its very likely to be a miss. However the opponent's lower skill guy can score no matter if it was contested guarded or even double teamed. 


On the positive side i once seen a nice help when i was defending the opponent's pg with mine. I tried to pressure Hard and he moved towards his teammate but my sg came and stole the ball. Also i saw that my c jumped to try to block. Missed and the game wrote it was open. 

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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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I was almost winning a battle and then...reconecting...and i won a lost game...why?


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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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Is it a game feature to have a 110 team and lose 4/5 games against 100-104 teams that can't seem to miss a three pointer while my 115 dunk team can't dunk to save its life?


i have been losing arena matches by +10 +15 points by teams 6-10 ovr lower than me.


their 90 steal beats my 110 pass

and their 85 block beats my 110 contested shots.


I constantly miss open shots.


The other team finishes with a +95% field goal ratio while mine barely has 50% from the paint




I'd rather not waste my time with rigged matches.


As it is right now. arena mode is simply trash coding from a programmers perspective and trash gameplay from a gamers perspective.


I can deal with the lag issues and little bugs here and there.


But this is intended bull meant to alter the game results in whichever favor EA feels like.


Considering that we spend money on this game, such tampering with results is considered FRAUD




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Tournament Game Play

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I like the idea of the tournament play.  But sadly there is too much lag on my phone to play the tournaments.  There is lag.whenever I take a shot.  This usually causes me to miss the shot.  I have a Samsung Galaxy a8 plus.


Thank you

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Arena game

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Sucks and unplayable. So dissapointing and frustrating. pfff


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Re: NBA Live mobile - Arena mode Feedback request

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i've lost 10 games in a row in arena by teams 6 ovr or more levels lower than me with most games finishing with 10+ point or more diff.


Great job EA


Your dev team must be the stuff of legends.


Arena at this point is just a social experiment to see how far people are willing to torture themselves for worthless virtual awards.



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