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Re: NBA Live Mobile Season 4 Launch! 10/15/2019

by chiangshuyu

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NBA Live Mobile Season 4 Launch! 10/15/2019

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Welcome back for another season of NBA LIVE Mobile. Join us on October 15th to kick it off!

This season of NBA LIVE Mobile offers all new features, campaigns, sets, and will allow you to control your team like never before. Let’s look at some key features that Season 4 has to offer.

Season 4 will feature a new player type known as Superstars. At the start of the season, you will be able to draft one Superstar to start your team. These players can be leveled up throughout the season and each has their own special gameplay X-Factors. X-Factors are abilities that players have that will allow special in-game features. Collecting shards will also allow you to level them up and add to their skillset! This season you will be able to use these players on both the new Multi-year Lineup and your Season 4 style lineups.

In the new Power Rankings campaign, you will be able to use your Multi-Year lineup to unlock new Power Ranking chapters and take on the best teams in the NBA. We’ve broken down this year’s team rosters and ranked them according to who we think will be the strongest team this year. The Power Rankings campaign will let you play against all 30 teams over the course of the season.

Everyday you will have the opportunity to play Game of the Night which will feature some of the biggest matchups of the year. When you play the Game of the Night, you will earn Power points which will allow you to play events in the Power Ranking campaign.

Just a reminder that your Multi-Year lineup allows you to use your players, jerseys and courts from Season 3. Users with high OVR players from Season 3 will get a head start on the campaign!

As the 2019-2020 NBA season approaches, players will be able to play the new Tip-off campaign which will allow you to play the exact NBA matchup with the current rosters on opening night!

In Season 4, we’ve made a few adjustments to gameplay that will give the game more depth while also remaining fun and accessible. A few of the changes that you will see include:

  • Showdown - We have brought back 2 Week Showdown seasons! Each season focuses on a specific lineup style, granting bonuses for using that lineup and related rewards. By getting to legend tier each season, you will get a lineup pack worth 2000 cash. Earn different amounts of Superstar shards based off your placement each season!
  • Seasons - Season quarters now costs 50 stamina, but the rewards are greatly increased. Difficulty ramps up as you progress in your seasons.
  • In Game Play Calling - Swipe vertically or horizontally across your screen while on offense to direct your team to do a pick and roll!

LIVE Pass will allow you to complete specific goals for each lineup type to receive rewards. You can earn exclusive courts, jerseys, boost items, players and more for each goal completed. Once you complete all 40 goals before December 15th, you will unlock a new Superstar! You can also upgrade your LIVE Pass to unlock even more rewards for each goal you complete!

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the last season of NBA LIVE Mobile and continually are making adjustments. This season, training players as it has been done in previous seasons will go away. Traditional training, as we used with Elevate players in Season 3 is now only a part of Superstars.  Once Season 4 starts, the Arena Mode BETA will not be available. We have received a lot of great feedback from players and we plan on making changes to Arena Mode and look forward to it’s return later in Season 4.

We are extremely excited for the release of this season of NBA LIVE Mobile! This year’s game is going to bring you the best on-court action, combined with a much more engaging way of participating and progressing your Ultimate Team.



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Re: NBA Live Mobile Season 4 Launch! 10/15/2019

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