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Re: My thoughts on the Ranger so far

by MagikarpsGhost

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My thoughts on the Ranger so far

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Hey people, Derweanq (Derwin) here. PS4 anthem junkie.


So far, I have played each Javelin extensively due to the fact that I keep getting legendaries when I switch javelins. So for my ranger I have two legendary components, two legendary gear weapons and two legendary weapons (Universal).




So the problem I have found int he game is survivability. Damage is also a issue, but I can deal with spongy enemies if there is a way to dodge from taking damage.


Currently there are these options


1) Equip your beefiest components and try to get inscriptions with Armor max or Shield max. The problem with this is that even with colossus, who has the highest armor value by far, and three max armor inscriptions, two legendary components, I still need best defense, which gives you armor back, to stay alive.


2) Try to take advantage of the components the restore armor based on kill streak or melee kills. This requires having enough damage output to kill large mobs before they can 1 or 2 shot you.  And if you have that kind of damage output, why do you need to restore armor?


3) Build based on the ultimate. There is a gear piece that gives you a boost to ultimate speed by 700%. And you can hope to RNjesus that you get ultimate speed as inscriptions on some of your gear.


The only viable option for the ranger is the 3rd option for me at the moment. The dodge and or hiding behind obstacle mechanic definitely does not work in general, but even more so for the ranger because his dodge is so weak and there are enemies that can shoot through walls.


Building the ranger for consistent ultimates is definitely the only time I had fun with the ranger. But there is alot to be desired in terms of survivability.


Here is my question to the community and the devs...Is it possible to have difficulty without large mobs of enemies doing massive amounts of damage with no real way of dodging incoming attacks?


And why does colossus have best defense, when he is the beefiest javelin?


Anyway....Are there ranger players out there that have all legendary components? Does this help you stay alive when playing GM3? 


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Re: My thoughts on the Ranger so far

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Honestly since the patch my ranger is beastly. Between the 40%shields on hit alone keeps me ticking. Dmg wise, I build my ult rather quick, once every 30-60 seconds.
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Re: My thoughts on the Ranger so far

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ive been farming GM3 freeplay as a ranger since i hit the 700 gear score..

currently i just maxed out my gear score to 788 (atm 774 though, because i swapped out my Leg. LMG to a MW gun for the extra priming *Seigebreaker)


My ranger is having a great time soloing GM3 atm.

well most world events that is.

I can finish a Gm3 stronghold (my buddies and i just dont want to do it because its a waste of 3 hrs for a guaranteed 3 MW at the end of the stronghold, rather farm freeplay)


5 major pieces to the Ranger puzzle inorder to make an endgame build are:


1. Ralners Blaze (AR)

2. Seige Breaker (Sniper)

3. Tip of the Spear (Component)

4. Emergency Power (Component)

5. Last Arguement (Grenade)

*these are the MW/Leg. pieces you need to be an optimal ranger at GM3


how it works... the two guns ive named give out a primer debuff on the mobs so you can combo effectively with the Grenade... With your Tip of the Spear component.. your combos will be doing most of the dmg as well as the healing (self and grp) meanwhile youre comboing with the grenade youre building up huge amounts of Ulti Energy to spam your Ulti every 20-60 secs


emergency power is just a must for any javelin. just because its a free Ulti every 2 mins when it procs. too good to pass down

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Re: My thoughts on the Ranger so far

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With the change to Elemental Ops, do you need Ralners/Siegebreaker anymore?

It seems like any high rate of fire weapon could substitute for them now.

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Re: My thoughts on the Ranger so far

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@cptbardo wrote:

With the change to Elemental Ops, do you need Ralners/Siegebreaker anymore?

It seems like any high rate of fire weapon could substitute for them now.

Artinia's gambit is nice. Has 100 mag size. It's mw component has freeze on 10 hits. Effectively giving you all 4 elements. 1) Ops - acid 2) Artinia - ice 3) Melee - lightning 4) Grenade/2nd wep - fire


Radiant fortress is a good 2nd since it restores shields, and you don't have to run up to the enemy's face so they can take off your shield again immediately like with melee.

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