Re: My short cuts are white after update

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My short cuts are white after update

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Help, after update my short cuts are all white and it tells me my games are no longer installed even though they are still on the local drive. 

How can I get my played games back without having to reinstall them? Or if I reinstall, will my saved games still be there? 

Thank you

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Re: My short cuts are white after update

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Hey @JamesDB7000,

With Shortcuts I think you mean the shortcuts to your installed games, right? Standard smile

If so, you can get the shortcuts back by manually navigating to the install folder of the games and looking for the .exe file of the game, which is (most of the time) used to actually run the game.

If you have located that .exe file, you can right-click on it and click on Create Desktop Shortcut.

Hope this helps. Standard smile

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