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My personnal view, what is missing, what can/could be added to the game.

by Yokopocket

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My personnal view, what is missing, what can/could be added to the game.

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Hello ! 

First, thanks for the access to the game ! 

I've enjoyed playing it despit the multiples bugs encouters. It was fun to play ! 

But i think the game lack some things to be more enjoyable. 


Let me point each of them; 

- Drops, there is a random stats attached to Weapon and Glyph, it is a frustrating way to farm stuff with maximal stats on it, you could literraly switch weapon even if you dont like it. 
  It would be more enjoyable and fun to not have thoses stats attached but instead having them as Mods that you can freely slot in weapon and stuff. So we could totally keep our weapon,       and  enhance it like we please. 

- Weapon, it would be really cool if we were able to customize them either, colors, textures, etc... but also change part of thems, a Legendary weapon that could be enhanced, with his own path. 

- I was having issues reading text that was perpetually moving (thoses boost attached to weapon and stuff). It would be a great ease to simply make factual enhancing, and without scrolling text. 


- Leaving a dungeon, when it end, and eject all team member at entrance of the dungeon, keeping them together and letting them enjoying outdoor event. 

- At the Fort Tarsis, i'd like to get a third view, having a character customisation (a simple one), and being able to run. 

- There is not much NPC outdoor, doing event, or so, it missing some "Life" in the open world. 

As a Tempest, the spells that can be equiped are fun, moreover, it is missing information, number of charges, is it an "hold button" skill, etc... 
And the Wind Shield is... useless, it depop instantly... Can he get an healing skill instead ? Standard smile 
And is it frustrating to obtain a new skills and not being able to test it in Fort Tarsis, have to spend hours with a skill that you can maybe dislike because you weren't able to test it before is not fun at all !! 

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