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My issues with the Colossus

by Halcyon_Creed_N7

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My issues with the Colossus

★★★★★ Novice

1. For being the "tank" class its survivabilty is too limited. The shield only blocks damage from one direction, and can't be up all the time.

2. It's way too easily stunned/stun locked, especially by small trash mobs like Skorpions. Also, way too easily frozen and webbed.

3. Its exclusive weapons have too small of an ammo pool, have too long reloads, and in the case of autocannons too long of spool up. In combination with the stun locking it's pretty frustrating trying to use these weapons.

4. Sprinting is way too easily cancelled by everything; tiny pebbles on the ground, boulders 3ft away, teammates, enemies spawning out of gates etc. It makes shield melee builds extremely frustrating to use, especially with a controller.


My solutions:

1. Maybe an omni-directional shield like the other classes, but possibly keep it at half strength, and the actual shield gets the full strength.

2. Can't be stunned by trash mobs. Period. This shouldn't be a thing with the hulking tank class. Also, Colossus should get a naturally higher resistance to effects like being frozen or webbed since he can't dodge.

3. Give autocannons and grenade launchers more ammo. As long as trash mobs can't stun, or have much less chance to, it would make these weapons more viable, IMO.

4. Fix collision for sprinting. It's obnoxious to have to literally spam sprint to finally get it to work for more than half a second.


Also, give us the ability to fire weapons with the shield up, with reduced accuracy and forced hipfire, if need be, so you can't be invulnerable and sniping enemies from a distance. Actually, if we get this we don't really need the omni-directional shield as much.

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Re: My issues with the Colossus

★★★★ Novice

My main is a Colossus and I find my survivabilty to be way better than the other javlins, mainly due to having tailored my build around Heavy assault launcher Best Defence and being lucky with some drops that I am able to significantly reduce its cooldown. +35% armor back per enemy hit is insanely good.

As for the shield, it for me, has more hp than other javlin, yes its front only, but its gameplay mechanic of simply putting the enemy infront of you. I only play atm GM1, and my shield rarely goes down before im able to defeat what is infront of me.

For ammo, you can either get scripts to increase ammo pools or amount of ammo drops or do what I did and concentrate of gear cooldown, to which I hardly ever use my guns.

Scorpions stunning you, I can only recommend running into them with shield up, knock them down first and then combine that with a melee.

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Re: My issues with the Colossus

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The step from GM1-2 is huge as you can no longer destroy mobs by shield charge; GM3 is a big jump again from 2.


SOme of the mechanics around shield/defence really start to show up in GM2. Especially when you have things like health regen on pickup of an ammo pack. Very situational.

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Re: My issues with the Colossus

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I actually find the colossus to be pretty powerful compared to the other classes.  At least for me once I realized running with shield out was terribly ineffective and switched to flying with shield out to traverse to mobs my life became significantly easier.  I would be hesitant to say colossus needs a buff, outside of some of their weaker abilities and components that don't really offer a benefit.


Not hammering your post I'm certainly a fan of constructive criticism.  Just with the build options available, play to the colossus strengths try and avoid the weaknesses.  If you stick it out with the thickboi you will be in GM3 content in no time.

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Re: My issues with the Colossus

[ Edited ]
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play Storm to appreciate Colossus more.

so I agree with everything OP is saying more or less. Sure Id love to have shields that are always up 360 or not, or at least be able to fire my gun with the shield up in a limited field. I wouldn't argue against that.

It does sound a lot like you are considering shield in your build. You should NOT. Not. at. all. Stack armor only and resupply/armor repair/repair amount and pickup radius.

I find voltaic dome to be indespensible as it provides huge local crowd control and one good combo surrounded by enemies usually means being surrounded by a lot of dead enemies and repair drops and now a full health bar.

Just a thought.

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Re: My issues with the Colossus

★★ Guide
The Colossus is a great tank if you get lucky with stat rolls, but that can be said of any of the Javelins.

I had one of my “lucky” legendary grenade launchers essentially drop as a stat stick. Like 2 rolls for high armor, 1 for high shield and the last one I don’t remember off hand. My health bar is insanely well off lol
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