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My fix for Colossus Shield issues.

by Ayakrovac

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My fix for Colossus Shield issues.

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So the problem with the Colossus is that even though it really isn't a tank in the conventional sense of general MMORPG tanking it has a selection of tank type abilities, the taunt, a physical shield and close range aoe skills and that's how people view this javelin when in reality all the javelins are dps and support for group game play.

To be a tank it needs defensive capabilities, the physical shield is arguably worse than the regenerating shield the other 3 javelins have for defense as it's only a frontal defense, I propose that the Colossus gets a passive health regeneration effect that kicks in if you go below 25% health and ticks 5% a second till you reach 50% health, it would have the same mechanics of the shield the other javelins get so if you are still taking damage from mobs you will die but this way you have a chance to get out of line of site and reset a bit like the other javelins can.

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