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My best video for 2021

by maximas1986

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My best video for 2021

★★★★★ Pro

This is hilarious its # 2 in my list after sophie's from among us 


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Re: My best video for 2021

@maximas1986 I have done that to solo's who had a gold knock down. Kind of realize they were on their own so I teabag a tossed down a phoenix kit then ran off.

I also had a round in which I was solo and knocked a full squad one of them had a gold knock down. I teabag tossed down a med kit and ran off. No idea if they won the match or what happened to them.

Typically when I'm solo I mess around like that. I'll watch fights with my sniper, when one team is starting to lose the fight I start sniping at the team that's winning it. It's funny when I can turn the fight into the other teams favor. Then I'll completely ignore the squad I helped out.. Granted this season I'm kind of hungry for kills and I rarely let an opportunity to increase my KD pass me by.

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Re: My best video for 2021

@maximas1986 No water ride so meh 🤷‍♂️
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