My account was banned for no reason?

by Diagnosee

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My account was banned for no reason?

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I literally just got a PC and downloaded APEX on STEAM, I played ONE game and then I got banned. I have never cheated on this game, I didnt use any glitches or anything out of the norm. My teammates were on console and neither of them were cheating. I filed a dispute and they replied with 


"We got your note and did a full investigation of your account. After reviewing your case, we determined that we took the correct action in accordance with EA policies and procedures.

What this means

We have confirmed that your account was involved in cheating. Because of this, we will not remove the sanction on your account.

You break our rules( if you:
• use software that interferes with or disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account.
• use undocumented features, exploits or cheats in-game that disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account.
• use software or cheats that disconnects other users from the EA servers."


This is a mistake by the team and I would like to get this reversed. If I cant get it reversed I would like a thorough explanation on how I'm cheating. The only thing I could possibly think of is that the person I bought the PC from had some kind of software on here and the files were never deleted all the way and the APEX team detected these files. I dont even think thats the case but thats the only thing that makes sense other than it just being a flat out mistake by the team. If that is the scenario, thats still very unfair to place a ban on someones account with no REAL PROOF of cheating.. what if I went to a friends house and logged in on my account using his PC and he had cheating softwareon his PC.. that doesnt mean I used it. There should have to be definitive proof of cheating. IE; Crazy good statistics such as accuracy, K/D, headshot count. Again, I dont think the previous owner of my PC downloaded cheats becuase I dont even know of him to play this game. But, again, thats the only thing I can think of why I would get banned, other than an outright mistake. Either way, a full in depth explanation should be given so I know what is going on. 


In saying all of that, I can attest to the fact I have never once cheated on this game. Not on this account or any other account. Keep in mind, I literally played ONE single game with my 2 friends and then we got in another match and it kicked me at the map loading screen saying that i was banned. Makes absolutely no sense. I would love to get this fixed, I enjoy playing this game and as it is I obviously cannot. 


Can anyone help? Thanks for hearing me out.

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Re: My account was banned for no reason?

Hey @Diagnosee !

Welcome to Answer HQ! Standard smile
You should have received an e-mail regarding the ban.


Unfortunately, we cannot help with account bans on AHQ.

If you feel your account was flagged as a false positive, you best reach out to the Terms of Service team.

Click here to reach out to the Terms of Service team.


Try to give as much information as possible, like requesting your EA data and checking for sus logins.
Also list some software you run on your PC that might interfear with the game and could have caused a false flag.

Just keep an eye on your mailbox and also check your spam and promotion folders as sometimes these emails can get routed over there.

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Re: My account was banned for no reason?

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I did receive an email, that’s what I posted in quotations.. that was the reply to my open dispute about the ban. Claims after further investigation they confirm they made the right choice and I was cheating. I was 10000% not cheating and I never have cheated. I can’t send an email about the programs I run that may interfere, because I’d have to list every program I use since I have absolutely no clue where to even begin on what programs MIGHT interfere. I know nothing about that. I’m also not trying to sound rude to you if it comes across like that in that last statement. I just truly don’t even have a clue what MIGHT set off a red flag to them. 

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Re: My account was banned for no reason?

I would suggest first with requesting your EA data on
This will list all login attempts and you may see some suspicious ones, that may be something you can attach to your appeal.
Software that can interfear is something like mods, modloaders and cheats for other games. In rare cases RBG control software can also be flagged as macro's.

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