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My Thoughts on Demo; Hopeful Future

by Ramaweh56

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My Thoughts on Demo; Hopeful Future

★★★★ Newbie

I enjoyed myself what I played of the demo.  I feel like a lot of balancing is in the future and implementations that might makes this game a masterpiece a year from now.  As it is it is fun and I'll play it at release mostly for the story and playing with friends.  Here are a few things I felt that I wanted improved.


1. Radar- this would have really helped to have a basic radar with objectives, allies, and enemies that I could zoom in and out on would seem standard in a game like this.

2. Objectives- Objectives updating and being more transparent for player would be nice.  I was in a team that had no idea they were supposed to kill the gatekeeper on the stronghold map and waves kept coming.  There's a few scenarios like that where a hint popping up on the side of the screen would help.  This also goes for free play mode, having a way to know where on the map like in destiny an objective might spawn and timers can all make things a lot more inviting to new players.

3. Loading Screen Hints- It would be cool I think to have loading screen tips, hints, and lore facts possibly related to the map you're on or the javelin you are playing cycle in and out.

4. Hp Balance- At least in the demo it felt necessary to cover your base by upgrading defenses by modding shield or hp over the other stats, whereas it might be nice, depending on the real game meta to have base hp and armor raised to accomodate a bit more experimenting.  Maybe give a bit more armor or hp on the offensive and utility mods, just not as much as the others?

5. Weapon Balance- they probably already know this, but some weapons deal tons of damage in some situations and very little in others.  Example using a machine pistol against a turret is just not going to work as well as a heavier base damage weapon, which I think has to do with enemy damage reduction which I hope gets changed so every weapon packs a bit more punch regardless of the target.  

6. Flight- This may never happen but just an idea that when out of range of enemies you get either free flight and don't have to worry about heat gauge.  I know there are mods for flight control, but when am I ever going to pick one over a combat mod?  Hopefully they combine effects at higher levels for versatility or make it a bit easier cause at least on PC I was struggling a bit.

7. User Interface- I'm not sure what was wrong here but some was off.  Too much time was spent navigating and figuring out what does what and a user interface isn't something as a player I feel like I should get good at or master.  The more you have in one place the better, and whatever you have now that could become automatic that isn't such as

-1x use mods.  It would be nice to not go back to the screen each time to select the same mod over again and have them just use from my stack, and just makes that screen easier to navigate.

-Quickplay- Maybe a true quick play button from anywhere to get into a free play without going into the board and re choosing the same thing over again.  Also, I'm not sure how easy it would be for a new player to understand how this function works and I just messed around to figure it out.

-Difficulty Descriptions- I didn't realize easy was normal and normal mode stronghold was like hard mode freeplay basically.  It would be nice to give an idea how strong your character should be for what content as a suggestion, because going in to some scenarios with a group might be dangerous without a warning, undergeared and underprepared.


I have a lot of good things to say about the beta, and here's a quick list:


1. Gorgeous game from character models (fun customizations) to the world and creatures.

2. Fun and responsive gameplay loop that would keep a player like me around for a while.

3. Interesting story from the snapshot we get in the demo.

4. I love that they added the other two classes at the last day of the demo.


Thanks and I'm already experiencing the drop from having to wait for the full game.  That- what other game should I play... feeling.  Oh well.



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