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My Thoughts About The Game After Playing The Game Again

by InstantParty_030

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My Thoughts About The Game After Playing The Game Again

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I played the game on PS4 back on the launch for like a month and put it down. I recently came back on PC and I'm really enjoying the game, especially the new Cataclysm update with the new Weapons. I almost played the game nonstop in the last couple days and I have on all 4 Characters almost completely Legendary gear. The update brought really life into the game.

I mostly enjoyed the final boss: Vera Brom of the Cataclysm update, and I really hope to see more bosses like her in the game in the future.


Now for the most part I enjoyed my time in the game, but there's still stuff to improve. We have so many gear combine posibilities in the game and it can get fast out of hand when switching to different gear. I think this game needs a loadout system that allows you to switch quickly between setups and keep the gameplay fresh. Now what I really disslike is that this game has no text chat system. It really needs that feature, because you have mechanic heavy stuff in the game and you simply want to communicate quickly with your teammates. Please, make sure the text chat becomes a thing. So on to the last thing that needs a little improvement in my opinion: The Cataclysm Events themselve. There sould be more than one Cataclysm event. Make them cycle weekly or allow us to choose between them.



These are my two cents. Hopefully you guys can work on some of the stuff I've suggested/mentioned. I really think this game holds great potential, and I want to see this game succeed. It's not as bad as everyone remembers it. Sure, it wasn't complete at launch - and still isn't perfect, but it improved alot over the months. It's worth trying it yourself and making your own opinion rather than listening to big Youtubers talking bad and bashing about the game. Most of them are full of negativity. Glad to see they haven't gave up on the game and the game is still going. Hopefully it will continue growing. I for my part will definitely continue playing.

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Re: My Thoughts About The Game After Playing The Game Again

Community Manager
@InstantParty_030 Thanks for the feedback, I'll see that it gets to the right teams.
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