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My Horizon looks bright

by Koochi-Q

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My Horizon looks bright

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So... lets talk horizon. 


Been basically playing her exclusively probably to the dismay of my teammates in some cases but I feel confident that I can say these things at least from my perspective. 


Her character has some funny quips and so far I’ve only heard her conversing with Caustic + Mirage... always a +

Her skins... some I like, some I don’t (mohawk? really?!). Her finishers are underwhelming except the ‘Newton’s Law’. The first one makes her look unappealing too... She looks like an emaciated Fran Drescher with red hair...  Have you seen the holos? Yea... you don’t want to.  


Tact. Good for multiple things. Either getting on top of things... Using it as a doorstop/visibility inhibitor, sniper stand, enemy ‘uplifter’ (in case of using it in the elevator shaft that is quite literal xD), ult slinger or a getaway trick for when things are getting too hairy. 

It depends how good you are with the character and the tactical how useful it can be. I like it but sort of also wished that you could tilt it somehow so you’d get more distance when needing to move away. 


Lastly her ult. The bane of many sound issues. It’s a black hole (sound needs to go away or get wonky! Be lucky that your screen still functions XD) so many stuff needs to actually get sucked in, yet I find it underwhelming. I read or heard (just looked at the S7 threads but cant find it there, so it might’ve been in a dev stream) that they made it underwhelming on purpose to gather some data as this ult was already thought of to be OP if it didn’t get some tweaking but this is really a mediocre ult. 


You can use it for many a reasons; To get away from a fight, to suck in your enemies on open ground, as an ordnance attractor (usually when you know an enemy is there), to block visibility inside or to scare ppl away when looking up (use gravity lift first and chuck the ult into it so it goes into the air). But the downsides outweigh the good at this point. 


Not only can you quite easily straddle out of its gravitational pull when you’re at the edge, but you can also destroy it before and during its effect?! Makes no sense whatsoever in my book. If it actually had good sucking where it doesn’t matter where you are in the radius you get sucked in, then by all means make her ult destroyable. But not if you walk backwards and shoot it, you can have it destroyed without much effort and already shoot the causer of it before they can do anything... 


So in my opinion either let that thing really suck stuff up or make it non-destroyable or only destroyable when black hole is not in effect yet. 


What do you guys think?

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Re: My Horizon looks bright

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@Koochi-Qi like her L1 move where it shoots you in the air, its awesome, but her Alt is stupid. Ive thrown it right onto someone (like right in the middle and touching a person) and it does nothing. For about 1 sec it sucks hard then you can easily walk away from it.

Maybe it should do light damage when its touching you (similar to Caustic traps and gas) but maybe not as much damage, because atm its useless. And whats the point in letting enemies shoot it when it does nothing ?

Maybe either make it do damage or dont let enemies shoot it as it needs to be more viable and have some benefit. I mean you cant shoot Caustics Ultimate and his does damage, so why be able to shoot Horizons with no damage?


Also, you cant shoot Wraiths Portals, it doesnt make sense you can shoot this black hole out.

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Re: My Horizon looks bright

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@johnmiceter Yea at first I was thinking of slight damage too due to Hawking Radiation if you really wanna go into Black hole territory but after first day I was opposed to this idea for 1 reason: the sucking.
Caustic’s ult blinds & damages everyone but him or other caustics. This ult actively sucks you, so you are not only basically blind when looking in it’s direction, but you have to control your movement as well with an added damage on top of that, however slight, I find that too much.

Yea if a person is moving it’s effect is very slight and I’d rather they fix that than add more stuff to it. But I do understand where you’re coming from
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Re: My Horizon looks bright

@Koochi-Q I'd say keep the diameter of effect the same and up the sucking power. They cant make the diameter of effect larger as that would make end games brutal. But certainly it should suck people in harder. Keep the ability to destroy it but make that thing have more health.
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Re: My Horizon looks bright

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@hayhor Yea the area of effect is good. If it sucks harder, I dont need a buff in health per se (I’d still need to see how easy it’d be), as it would be more difficult to shoot.
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Re: My Horizon looks bright

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Maybe they remove the ability to destroy it? Edit: the ult.

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Re: My Horizon looks bright

@Koochi-Q Yeah her not & passive need work. I haven't heard her talk to Caustic or Mirage. You would think she'd get along with Wattson too. Maybe I'll YouTube search to see anyone has all her interactions up.

Her personality is a bit odd IMO. Sometimes she's a bit dry & boring. I also feel she's classed wrong. I like using her tho.
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Re: My Horizon looks bright

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@Lord_Scorpion34 Have not had too many Wattsons (live long enough) to hear an interaction xD, but yea she should.

The interaction between Mirage & her is like mom-child. Between Caustic & her it’s amicable scientists among each other.

Yea, probably old school her meeting new school her. Like her pick phrase... Stabilizers, check. Something, check. Best body, *with a sly ‘you betcha tone’:* check.

Now I want some good skins to show off that bod.
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