My Harsh Reality

by rockyboy1998

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My Harsh Reality

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So I've played Apex since before S1 and I've never been that player who plays over 1000 games consistently every season. 


I've managed to improve since then (as you would expect) but what I have noticed is that when I get a period of not being able to play as much I find it very hard to get back to a level where I left off. 

To elaborate on this, in split 2 of S7 I started playing more and that then continued into split 1 of S8. I think lockdown was a factor to take into consideration here. This then led to split 2 of S8 and here I made diamond the quickest I ever had. 

Then we move onto S9 where I didn't play anywhere near as much and that has decreased massively into S10 where I've only plated 112 games currently. 


What I find hard now, is my brain moves just as sharply as it did in Sp2 S8 but my ability doesn't so I find myself in a situation where it becomes hard to progress, which then leads to major frustration. 


Does anyone else have or has previously had this issue? 

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? 

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Re: My Harsh Reality

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@rockyboy1998  back in s1/2 I wasn't working, had a lot of free time to pour into the game and progressed in leaps and bounds,soon as I got myself a new job I couldn't play nearly as much so I found myself in the position you're in now essentially.


My advice, just have fun. Tongue out


No point beating yourself up about something that isn't really a problem to start with. Standard smile

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Re: My Harsh Reality

@rockyboy1998 I missed the last week. Last night I was spinning in circles trying to shoot people. I play a lot and will never be good. But I still have loads of fun, which is all I really care about.
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