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Multiplayer anthem concerns

by medievil-eagle

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Multiplayer anthem concerns

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Just watched the reveal and I’m a little concerned about multi player.

I’m hoping I’m wrong with this but the way they talked about it is that it’s a 1 player game with an explore/free roam mode for playing with friends.
They said that the main base/camp is purely 1 player with story missions and the you can leave the city and group with friends which seems to be more of a nuisance than anything else.

So I’m outside and I group up with my friends and we go off doing some stuff and then we need to go back to camp to do something, it’s said that as it’s a solo place we then have to disband the group do what’s needed and then go back outside and regroup - why?
The reason I was excited about this game is that I thought it was going to be a multiplayer online game but it’s sounding more like it’s a single player game with a multiplayer mode added as an after thought.

At the moment I play The Division and D2 mainly because me and my friends can play all of it together from start to finish in a team and when they are offline I can continue on my own grinding for gear and/or levels and then continue the campaign when they get online but it doesn’t sound like that in anthem it sounds more like a farcry5 type situation where you each have your own campaigns/progression but can meet together and free roam and do side missions.

So on release day we usually take some time off work if we are excited about a game and group up and start playing and play for many hours just messing around together talking about what we each find etc, anthem seems more of a play when you want because you’re on your own in the campaign and then we will group together every now and then to explore outside.

Again please tell me I’m wrong but that’s how it was discribed by the dev team and if so then my wallet have just closed.
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