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Mozambique purpose??

by SethCurry

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Mozambique purpose??

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To be a laughing stock?

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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Everyone is getting pretty tired of complaints that not every weapon is good.


Never heard anyone complain they had an ez kill on some enemy who had a Mozambique.


Some weapons are supposed to be weak in case you didn't catch on to that yet.

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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So to your logic if i see an enemy who picks up.....ahhh lets say an R99 and i get a mozambique i should just rage quit because whats the point huh i know im gonna die so might as well leave before he can kill me...

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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@SethCurry, to answer your thread's question: in my opinion it's to die honorably with a 'weapon' in your hand XD. Or if you actually manage to kill someone with it, to make them ragequit like never before.

For your logic comment I say: yes, yes indeed. It's not ragequitting if you do it calmy because you can see the adverse possibilities in the forseeable future from which you cannot escape.
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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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Mozambique is weak because:

1. Shutgun so shot spread, need precision choke which hard to find. They do this by purpose to make peace keeper less deadly.

2. Three bullets only.

3. Slow reload.

4. Very close distance only.


If we improve with:

1. less spread (or package it precision when you pick it up and you cannot transfer to peacekeeper)

2. more bullet (5-6 bullets)  (easiest way to change)

3. faster reload  (nice to have if 1 &2 implemented but not necessary)


This gun could as deadly as wingman in close distance.


Then left P2020 as a joke.


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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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They should just delete it from the game entirely. If you drop and only find a Mozambique, and someone else finds literally anything else, you better hope your teammates found something good because you're going down. There shouldn't be a gun in the game that can't compete with the others. You are immediately at a disadvantage over everyone else if you have this gun. 

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Re: Mozambique purpose??


@SethCurryTry to escape and evade your enemy until such time you feel you have a weapon fit for purpose. Or use cover, if they have a high rate of fire weapon they will need to reload. That's your chance to level your 'bique and blast 'em. High five

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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IMO respawn can make it 5 rounds gun  just like in titanfall when you get the extended mag unlock.


The Mozambique is one of the weakest gun's in the game with out a shotgun stabilizer mod. it does take all three shots to knock someone with level 1 armor, 2 shots with no armor. And leave the Damage, range and spread alone.  

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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the weird thing, i prefer using mozanbique instead wingman

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Re: Mozambique purpose??

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punching is stronger there is 0 need to pick it up.

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