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Mouse and keyboard support for console


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Re: Yes to keyboard and mouse on consoles!

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@DontSilenceMe wrote:

I don't know what you want from me bro..


Use of this party software and even accessories are banable actions...


Unlicensed headset? Ban


Battle beaver controller? Ban 


Bro just Google Xbox code of literally says


"Don't cheat or tamper. For example, don't:

  • Use unauthorized hardware or software
  • Exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches
  • Make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents (e.g., tenure, Avatar, game saves, Gamerscore, achievements)
  • Intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods"

It later goes on to explain punishment...




A violation of the Microsoft Code of Conduct may be cause for these or other actions:

  • Automatic assignment of a new Gamertag, if you create an inappropriate Gamertag.
  • Content deletion, if you create or use inappropriate Content.
  • Restrictions (e.g., communications, multiplayer, account access) on your use of Xbox Live services, if you abuse those services.
  • Permanent suspension or device ban, if you commit an egregious violation that includes, but is not limited to: hacking, modding, profile tampering, fraud, trading or stealing accounts or Gamertags, severe racial remarks, impersonating Xbox staff, displaying nudity, repeatedly creating inappropriate Gamertags or profile content, distributing URLs to phishing sites.
  • Permanent suspension or device ban, if you try to avoid suspension with alternate accounts and/or devices.
  • Permanent suspension or device ban, if you repeatedly commit violations"

Notice modding? I made it bold...because by using an "emulator" you are modifying the input from kbm to controller...


Side note...SCUFF is the exclusive 3rd party distributor for controllers...use a different brand and you could be banned...use an off brand headset and you could be banned...


Whether it's a violation and why the violations aren't currently being enforced is 2 separate issues...


but using a xim IS A VIOLATION ...and hope anyone who uses one gets banned...otherwise I might as well go cop a $30 strikepack and run all the mods...I'll justify it with some B's like " I got arthritis and can't pull a trigger rapidly so rapid fire is on a hemlock is more comfortable"


Oh and I don't speak French but sure as heck looks like 0 recoil to me


Here's another 0 recoil vid


So, I’ve read your whole post. Where does it say K/M emulators are “unauthorized hardware or software”? It doesn’t! And Microsoft and Sony both are aware of emulators (all of them). If they truly wanted them to be considered cheats or a ban able offense. They would flat out say it! 

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Re: Mouse and keyboard support for console

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@Rikasw wrote:

is not a fact of being below average but being able to have fun, it seems like u guys live under a rock, is it realy to just add M&K and match us against pc players

Yeah, that would be awesome.  That way, the PC cheaters can find a way to cheat the system and have cheats AND play in the controller lobbies. 


Pass. Literally choking the forums with all the cheating on PC complaints and you want to join that mess?


How about get good with the controller?  The vast, vast majority of console users don't want a M&K...or they would buy a XIM. I don't want to use my PS4 at a desk in a computer chair...if I did id just build another gaming PC to replace the one in the corner gathering dust. .

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Re: Mouse and keyboard support for console

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I'm down for separate lobbies with native support. I'd love to play with pc players. But not with emulators. what you don't understand is these emulators are limited to the same capabilities as a controller. As much as an advantage some of you think it is, any emulator user is at the same disadvantage as a controller user  is vs native support. Despite having the better peripheral for a shooter the turn speed and accuracy limits (and sometime binding limits) put emulator users in the same disadvantage boat. Even with the HEAVY aim assist Apex Legends has. But that's a sperate topic 

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Re: Mouse and keyboard support for console

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You are full of crap . Server with only keyboard and mouse isnt an advantage . Give people the chance to choose if they prefer controller or the other .
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Re: Yes to keyboard and mouse on consoles!

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I have a modified controller...made and endorsed by Microsoft. I'm pretty sure it's not against their code of conduct

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Re: Yes to keyboard and mouse on consoles!

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It may technically be considered cheating, but good luck to them detecting the people using a xim or cronus or other such emulators. As far as your console is concerned, you are using a controller. 

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Re: Yes to keyboard and mouse on consoles!

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I don’t use mnk on console lol and controller is more responsive on pc andgame runs much better on pc not to mention playing on a monitor is 100 times better than playing on a tv that is stupid big but 100 percent is a bit of an over statement I have right around 3 on both consoles a little higher on PS4 and on pc I have just over a 4


not a fan of mnk because I like sitting on recliner and playing and there is no where to put mnk on a recliner 

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