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Re: More criticism on the current in-game report system

by FaZaaa_82

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More criticism on the current in-game report system

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To open with, I am gonna say the current report system seems like to be designed to disencourage people from reporting, because, it is confusing and stupid.


The reason I said it is both confusing and stupid is because, the option 2 and option 4, aimbotting & no recoiling.


ok, this is disgusting, you have someone aimbotting you that ruined your game, and you got like 5 seconds to press R to report, because after that you don't get any chance to report him ever again after you leave the current game.


Aimbotting, choose option 2, but no recoiling, is this part of the aimbotting ? How am I supposed to know if he is using auto-fire cheat or no recoiling cheat or both ?


All right, let's say both, and you got to hold R to report twice, because there are no multichoice. BTW, there is no speedhack anymore these days. Could the stupid devs from anticheat company remove this at once ? It is really stupid, the remaining 100,000 players worldwide sure will agree to have option 3 removed.


I just lots my thoughts, the devs from anticheat company didn't use any heart when implementing this system. It is like a clown.


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Re: More criticism on the current in-game report system

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I think its a dummy to keep us happy they are actually doing something as players with 1000's of kills are running around with aimbots and map hacks.

Do you self a favour i just quit this game because of cheats and ive never played pubg i just bought it and its downloading as a speak all i care about is fair games im 36 years old and i just was to have fun.

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Re: More criticism on the current in-game report system

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ok, 34 years old here.


And thank you very much for the input, very well said, almost everything I wanted to say as well.


So for us to see the game then it must be quite funny.

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Re: More criticism on the current in-game report system


I think the report options currently in the in game report feature are just a guide to help identify suspicious play.


Using a specific reason in the in game report feature to report a player wouldn't stop an expert from finding something else. It would most likely be the first area of concern.


Also, they wouldn't of added another report feature to the game if they were trying to discourage players from reporting.

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