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Monotonous Matchmaking

by PearsonShoota

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Monotonous Matchmaking

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I played for several hours yesterday, just going from Turf Takeover to Turf Takeover.


(Sidenote, I'm getting really tired of only being able to have fun as zombies in multiplayer, where I get my * kicked by the plants constantly)


I played as plants and zombies for the same maps every time. Peachy District, The Mallow Mortar Camp and Loggy Acres (Or whatever it's called) Always put me on the Zombies, and Goopy Gulch (That's not what it's called but you know which one I mean) always put me as plants. Only Turning Point had some variation, and by that I mean I played as plants twice.


Anyone else having this problem?

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Re: Monotonous Matchmaking

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I do, you usually are only offense or defense one or two exceptions. I would prefer that they would do a pattern such as plants, plants, zombies, zombies, so you would get a mixture of the two sides instead only doing plants and zombies offense or defense. I would also like for them to randomly mix up the maps, but there only could be two of one map in a row, for variety. It would also be cool if they sometimes did a night theme, like in GW1.

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Re: Monotonous Matchmaking

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@dragofire202 Night theme would be rad
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