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Re: Mission Select Screen Post Patch

by asunderwheat

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Mission Select Screen Post Patch

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I guess this would be a question for people who played the early access, but does anyone else think that the change they made to the mission select screen in the new patch actually made it worse? I'm on PC so i don't know how it works with controllers, but it feels like they just layered another menu on you have to click through since when you click on change mission it just takes you to the same mission select map that was previously there.

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Re: Mission Select Screen Post Patch

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Yes and no.  It's still confusing, but before most people had no idea where quickplay was or what it did, it was very unintuitive.

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Re: Mission Select Screen Post Patch

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That's a good point.  Since i played the demos and early access and am used to the way destiny does free roam the new mission select screen seemed like unnecessary tedium, but i can see how it would make things clearer for people who are new to the game.

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Re: Mission Select Screen Post Patch

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yes it's still confusing I am going to play with it some more, I played the alpha and the demos but I was having lots of connection problems joining the expeditions I was just happy to get in the session I still hate the load screen. I never thought a game could be worse than Battlefield with load screens/waiting for missions to start. hopefully they work that part out. It has been fun though 

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