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Re: Missing the other two classes during 2018 E3 gameplay.

by EA_Ataashi

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Missing the other two classes during 2018 E3 gameplay.

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I think those that have been following this game closely will agree. During the interview at the 2018 E3 you unveiled the four classes which was awesome -- can't wait to see them all in action. However, you showed a ton of game play with the colossus -- two of them in fact. I'm guessing a showcase of the different options on the same javelin type was the goal here? Coolbeans, got it... still can't wait for the upcoming footage. Then you show their supers/ults/x10kamehaha/etc. and those are cool too. 


But then the panel kind of skips over the interceptor and storm. Why did you do that? Sure you showed the storm class hovering with a shield and teleporting and likewise with the interceptor -- you showed them moving the colossus/ranger (can't remember which) out of harms way so that javelin has some very speedy abilities. The gameplay for the two was kind of lackluster though. You made the ranger and colossus very appealing and then hinted a little at the what the storm can do, and even less, showed what the interceptor can do. 


Is there game play focusing on the other two coming out or what? even the youtubers/twitch streamers I follow have similar opinions. Why put so much emphasis on two of the four? All in all I'm still looking forward to an incredible game but I'm curious about the other two classes.



Joe (Xbox One GT) CombatWombatJoe

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Re: Missing the other two classes during 2018 E3 gameplay.

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Hey @boomchicken88


I think BioWare decided to put Ranger and Colossus in the spotlight at EA Play, but it doesn't mean that other Javelins will be simply forgotten. We still have a few months ahead of us and some secrets to reveal till the game's release Wink


It's confirmed that not all Javelins will be available from the beginning of the game and they will be obtainable via the main storyline. However, remember that it will be totally up to you, which suit you're going to use in the game the most. I'm sure BioWare will still have a few more things to share about each Javelin before February 2019. We just have to be patient to know more about Interceptor and Storm.



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