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Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

by BW_Darokaz

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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@AddUltra wrote:

Sorry to hear that has been your experience. At well over 100 hours of play I can say mine has been the complete opposite. I’m happy with the current loot state and personally would stop playing if they just started handing out gear. So right now they’re trying to find the happy balance for us all. : ) Makes sense right? Not just about what we want for ourselves.

So, what you are saying is, everything is fine for you, and screw everyone else who isn't having the same experience?

I'm 170+ hours in, I have what would probably be considered entirely crappy rolls on all my MW gear, as I have yet to see anything even remotely close to the good ones that get posted, for example, on reddit.

The only two legendaries I have ever gotten in this game were during the two periods that the loot table was bugged. Incidentally, the Titan's Hail legendary I got had a 0% Damage modifier, along with rolls for machine pistol and pistol ammo. That would be fantastic if a colossus could even equip those guns.
The second legendary I got is some random interceptor component. It has the fantastic luck of having all the rolls be +- 2% resist. WTF is +- resist? maybe it does, maybe it doesnt? useless.

I run EVERYTHING in the game very day, multiple times a day.

I generally see 10 MW per 8 hours of gameplay, 6 of those are guaranteed drops from strongholds or legendary contracts. Dungeons? yeah, epics only, which, when you have fully MW gear, even crappy version, Epics are a complete downgrade, so they, and rares, DO NOT COUNT AS LOOT. I have been using the same gear, same components, same weapons for at least 100 hours of play, as I haven't gotten anything better in that entire time.

You may be lucky, apparently I, and many, many, many others, aren't. There is a friggin boycott/blackout going on among a large % of the people, at least among those who visit the reddit thread, over this loot situation.

But let me ask you a question.

Did you ever play borderlands? any of them. Mass Effect? any MMO? Destiny? The Divison? how long did it take you to get 10 potential upgrades in those games? not "Wow this is awesome, upgrade!" but merely, loot that COULD HAVE BEEN an upgrade? would you say you got 10 in less than a day? how about less than 8 hours? how about in less than an hour?

Yeah, the average in those games was something like 10 potential upgrades per 15 minutes or so.

So now, if I told you I'm making a game where you actually CAN'T get upgrades for your character but every 10 hours, and they will be minuscule, almost unnoticeable when it happens, would you play that game? No, you wouldn't.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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@BW_Darokaz wrote:

Hey Freelancers,


To start, I don't have any answers on loot yet. The team is discussing and are looking at player feedback and game telemetry. I'll share more on that as soon as I have an update.



-Jesse | @Darokaz

So what's the news on this front?

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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You forgot to add that loot from bosses still don't auto loot if you are dead still, and ablative shielding still doesn't give you the proper amount of health and shields'

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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Are we sure that isn't a prelude to a Cataclysm? I'm pretty sure that should be coming sometime soon
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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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That is true - out of 4 legendary contracts I've got 3 Thermal Cooling in a row. That shouldn't happen so often; I was really disappointed to see these rewards while my Colossus has quite a few purples in use - please make the javelin specific ones drop more often.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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i have seen buggy as hell games more times then i care to remember and with anthem i really wish that was not the case but ya your cake has roaches
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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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How come I never see the character's face I created at the beginning of the game?   Ever.   That is just weird.   no character interaction throughout the whole story.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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Hey @GuruChaz, it is visible in certain cutscenes from what I hear, but only for armor suits that have a slide-up visor (so it doesn't work on the Legion of Dawn armor set).
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