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Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

by BW_Darokaz

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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Shock Burst got nerfed without any update notes... was 6s recharge before, now it's 12s.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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I keep getting kicked out of missions after joining in a couple of seconds because of that. The game has been unplayable for me for the past hour.


EDIT: Mine is actually "Error updating pilot data".


I think they are updating something. But that isn't "silent" update at all if we are all disconnected without warning.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

[ Edited ]
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Hello Jesse , so I hope that you can help me , with the new patch every time I do a mission or stronghold all the drops including the chest are white ang greens , and yes I’m level 30 with a ranger 667 , please someone say something about this I erase the game twice and even initialize the PlayStation and nothing same thing , sorry for my English by the way I know is pretty bad 

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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There are also times when you go to cast and it just cancels even though you have charges. The meter loads to about half before a max damage cast and then cancels the entire ability. Usually I have to land and try again.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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The Amulet of Winter and Mark of Ruin were doing some weird crossing. Swapping icons and abilities. - Also thanks for the update! You guys are doing a great job, loving the game every day. Looking forward to future content and QoL updates. Standard smile
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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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his is nice not many developers would do an update like this. 

Thank you.

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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Sorry to hear that has been your experience. At well over 100 hours of play I can say mine has been the complete opposite. I’m happy with the current loot state and personally would stop playing if they just started handing out gear. So right now they’re trying to find the happy balance for us all. : ) Makes sense right? Not just about what we want for ourselves.

@PRSPCTX wrote:

If your Team is looking through Players Feedback first, it is probably too late already. For sure you know there are literally millions of Posts regarding the current unrewarding Loot Situation. You increased the Drop Rates two times Server-Side already which makes it look like you can do it instantly at any time. People are upset since Saturday. Soon another Loot Shooter will show up and many will switch just because you, for what ever reason, keep locking good Items behind insane unfair RNG. I played Path of Exile for almost 3000 Hours, so i believe i can handle the frustration of not getting Rewarded for a long time, but you take it with Anthem to a whole new Level. First i have to do an extremely exhausting Grind to get an Item drop and then i have to be ultra Lucky getting those good rolled Inscriptions, which currently seems to be just impossible. If you not drastically increase Drop Rates soon, then for God's sake put a minimum Inscription Roll tied to the Rarity Level. I'm not sure if you are a Gamer by yourself, but can you maybe imagine how it feels if you finally get a Drop after 100 Hours just to see that it is only worth a single MW Ember after dismantle? It is utterly Frustrating! We play Games for Fun, not because we wanna become depressive. Many of us got that in Real Life already, we surely don't need that in Anthem as well. If you still believe People will leave your Game once Geared, let me tell you, it is the other Way round. I and many others will leave cause it feels like time wasting. I wanna try Build diversity on all Javelins and by the Time i'm done with that you already pushed alot of new Content. No one is going to leave if you give us what we are asking for. Stop the unnecessary stall and change the Rates now. Do it incremental over the next months, like Chad said and Anthem will be dead by that time for many People. This is no Hate Post at all, i Love Anthem and i wanna see it succeed long term. Do change Loot right now and make the Game a true Loot Shooter finally!


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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

★★★★ Novice
I agree on the Titan’s Hail! Love the ability, especially with 2x charges, but the combo detonation is NOT working.
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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

★★★★ Newbie

Im sure the patch notes mentioned fixing the NPC issues in FT. I still have glitched dialogue bubbles for Dax, Mattias and Jani. Not game changing but its messing with my OCD. Haha!


Loving the game!

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Re: Missing notes from 1.0.3 update

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not sure on the Mathias triplets and Jani, but with Dax I found a post that sorted me out the other day about listening to a series of dialogue. Cant remember the sequence but I listened walked away, came back and listened some more to different dialogue, did this three times logged out and back in and it was gone.
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