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Re: Missing Shots?

by Huntinwabits

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Missing Shots?

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Yeah, yeah I'm probably just bad, but I'm just gonna ask just in case...


I play on Xbox One and there are times where it seems that I have my crosshair directly on someones chest plate or skull and when i pull the trigger it doesn't register as a hit. Is this happening to others as well or am I just a trash can? Some details: I don't have the greatest internet in the world. I don't lag much if at all in game, but there are times when it can get choppy in the middle of a fight. Perhaps its connection issue? 


Aside from some of the jokes I've made, I'm not a terrible player. I'm also not insane, but I can hold my own in this game whether with friends or randoms, but this issue I'm having seems to happen more often than I'd like. If it's my internet oh well. But if it's my aim well then I'll just have to work towards gitin gud. 


Feel free to help with an answer or accost me with insults. I welcome all. 

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Re: Missing Shots?

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Not sure. Recording your own gameplay and analyzing it is the best way to determine is your controller sensitivity is too high and your in fact aiming incorrectly.


I play with a controller on pc and i play at 3/3 sensitivity. I would not advise playing on high sensitivity in this game and resorting to jerky snap aiming.

Its all about consistency... And that works better with somewhat slow sensitivity.



Also keep in mind bullet drop and occasionally having to lead targets.




Other then that, not seeing video its hard to tell whats going on.

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Re: Missing Shots?

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I always see when I ads and spectating my sqaud(friends and randoms) that alot of times we are all so close to being on target but just off by a hair. like there needs to be more granularity in the look mechanic. I see if we are off to the left we correct for the right just a tiny bit just to over overshoot to the right jista little too much. back and forth only getting  one or two shots in between. otherwise it's a dead on, most every shot hitting. so like the first person said. the only real solution there is to that is lowering your sensitivity and dpi on pc, on console where I play it really feels like the aim assist is messing player up when trying to be precise, you have to let it track. which imo is completely lame and the very reason it should removed completely from console gaming. console gamers are completely capable of aiming at a high level without it but for decades they have been trained to aim with aim assist 

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Re: Missing Shots?

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This happens for me too. When hip firing shotguns, enemies will be in the center of the spread area, and shots will do no damage. This issue seems to be amplified when enemy has already been downed. With the wingman and the longbow, when aiming down sights, will miss shots that should obviously hit. I know it can't be because they move: it has happened on people who are not moving. My friend spectated this happen to me once, and he confirmed that I missed about 4 shots that I shouldn't have.

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Re: Missing Shots?

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Sometimes it can be a hitbox player error issue. Not meaning the hitboxes are broken (Even though PAthfinder's still is) but due to the varied sizes. Sometimes when I miss shots it's because while I'm shooting my aim is off center of my target and with some hitboxes you can still get hits like that but with the smaller hitboxes it's a straight miss even though it feels like you should be doing damage in the moment. Pay attention to the targets you can't hit and see if it's the smaller hitboxes that you're struggling with. If it is then it could be your aim is just slightly off the target.

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Re: Missing Shots?

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I had this problem last patch, But its seems fine to me this patch
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