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Re: Mirages

by FatalionPanic

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Is it just me or did some programmer feel like sneaking in the ultimate teasing mechanic to grind my gears?


Flying around in Freeplay:


  • Oh, hey! Random enemies to smash! Getting closer -> Enemies disappear into thin air
  • Sentinel down nearby, let's pick him up and earn a medal! Getting closer -> Enemies and downed sentinel disappear into thin air
  • Starting to shoot some enemies in the distance - pew pa-pew! Getting closer to finish them off with a shield hug -> You've guessed it! THIN AIR!
  • ???
  • Profit

I have never seen a mechanic like that in a game before. It's not so bad once in a while, but it surely adds up the more it happens. Why code it so stuff disappears when the player gets too close in the first place? I don't get it. SMH



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Re: Mirages

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It depends on what's going on, though the patch may have broken something. Usually if an even starts up you'll see enemies that were in the area disappear so the event can spawn. Unfortunately, it sounds like the mechanic isn't working as indeed.

1.10 has broken a few things, but to my knowledge this is the first content patch for the game. We just need to give them time to work out the kinks. The new end boss, for example, appears to one shot anyone in melee range unless they're using their ultimate. Just ran it on normal and my interceptor was caught twice. One because I didn't know and the second because the boss has a blink and he got me before I could get out.
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Re: Mirages

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I've seen this happening since launch.

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Re: Mirages

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Enemies despawning in free play has been a problem since the demos. Seems to be random whether you are close to incoming events or not.
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Re: Mirages

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Indeed, I just now had enough of it driving me into posting about it. Standard smile
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