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Mirage Decoy Interactions

by Sir_Named

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Mirage Decoy Interactions

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This is just a general PSA of  how the new decoys can work. (Sidenote: This is all if you are controlling your decoy.)


Decoys do NOT go through portals, unfortunately. If you go through one, your decoy will remain wherever it was.


Decoys can bounce off jump pads. If you bounce off a jump pad, the decoy will also bounce (even if it doesn't have a jump pad)


If you move and release control at the same time, the decoy will continue running forward. (I had trouble trying this out though, could be a console problem.)


Apparently you could make the decoys float by spamming jump and control, but I that's either been fixed or will be fixed.


If you send a decoy to the left, turn right and control it, the decoy will not change to face the direction you are facing. This can be useful to send a decoy to a different direction, while still running forward, and eventually, a far off enemy might shoot it or something. 


The decoys will mimic you when downed, which can be a downside and an upside. (For example, if you get downed and an enemy immediately comes over, they'll know that the mirage that appears out of nowhere will be the real one and all the others are fake. But, if they don't do that or are a little dumb, then the decoys can fool them.)


You can punch your decoys. I'm not sure if they can punch you though.


Decoys do not mimic you healing, so be careful if you heal.


(Not a decoy interaction.) You can still revive people invisibly if you get silenced. It's because the invisible revive is your passive, not a tactical or ult. The problem with reviving when silenced is that you still get the orange electricity things around you or the person you are reviving. 


(Not a decoy interaction) You aren't 100% invisible, you do distort the things you block a tiny bit. I doubt any enemies will be able to notice, but I guess if they are really observant they could. 


If you have any more, feel free to suggest them.




Extra tips: You'll usually want to keep at least 1 decoy out with you at all times. Since they recharge at something around 14 seconds, (even if you have a decoy out already.) you can always just place down another if something happens to the decoy. 

Usually, it's best to control your decoys. The one situation that you might not want to control the decoys is if you want to send the decoy ahead, but not move with it. (Scouting.) I haven't encountered any others, but there may be one situation. 


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Re: Mirage Decoy Interactions

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@Sir_Named Extra tip: Don't rez a Cyberpunk Wattson. Some parts around her knees don't go invisible and the same goes for 'Reactive' weapon skins(Battle pass LVL 100 skins).
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Re: Mirage Decoy Interactions

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Just discovered another one. 

Apparently caustic gas traps no longer destroy decoys, instead just make them disappear and reappear a couple times per second. Unfortunate.

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