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[Mega thread] Loot system feedback

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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I first want to talk about inscriptions on components. Why is there only two on components when gear piece, support and weapons all have four. I think adding two more inscriptions on components will go a long way to improving the player experience when we receive a piece of legendary gear. 


Second, Contracts. Master 1 should always award a component specifically for the javelin the player is using with a enemies having a chance to drop other masterwork and legendary items during the mission. Master 2 should have a 50/50 chance to award at the end a master or legendary component for the javelin the player is using. Master 3 should always award a legendary component. I know my core group we did a Master 3 contract and no one got a legendary; we than ran a Master 1 and two players got a legendary. Why play the harder content if the awards are the same as the lower content. 


Third Strongholds: : Please follow similar logic to the contracts I listed above


Legendary Universal components: These components need better armor and shields to be relevant for us as players. Please increase the armor and shield value for these components. The components where it specifically raises armor/shields should be 50% stronger in armor/shields and 50% weaker for the shields/armor. 


Legendary drop rates: Please increase this for open world for master 2 and 3. 


Named Titans: M1, M2, and M3 should always drop a legendary item. M1 drops 1, M2 drops 2 and M3 will drop 3. Did all four of the named Titan with a group this weekend on M3 and no one got any legendary items. 


Overall I love the game but when going from M1 to M2 legendary items should be dropping more often. When in Master 3 only Masterwork or legedary items should be in the loot table. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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You have a fundamental problem with the loot system and it all boils down to the lockout methodology.


The objective as I see it is to reach higher grandmaster tiers so that your chances of receiving better loot and unlocking new loot pools increase accordingly.


This basically means that you are forced to ignore 90% of the loot pool in favor of the extremely rare drops that will serve to increase your objective.


You could greatly reduce this conundrum by simply removing the power score stat mechanic attached to gear/weapons.


You need to remove the power stat mechanic it’s not needed and only serves to reduce the usable options within the loot pool.


Higher tier equipment is separated by its perks and stat bonuses you don’t need a power stat that turns lower tier equipment into complete trash.


You have to think about this from a fun perspective if you’re playing the game and you are getting drops that aren’t even viable to use at level 30 then you are defeating the entire purpose of receiving the loot in the first place.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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There's a lot that could be said on this, but really the one thing that immediatly needs to be addressed is the bosses locked into to only Mastetrwork level loot.  Have them spill 2 chests worth of random loot instead.


This isn't because I want more loot, it's because how players are responding for the quality limit on the boss drops, by leaving the game.  This action is souring the play experience (especially for quick solo adventures) by creating a ton of bugged instances, or games where you join at the boss.  (Which means no chance at a meaningful reward)  The play experience sucks, and is causing a lot of issues to even get into a functioning instance.


It's unhealthy, and not because 'loot sucks' in the traidional sense, it's unhealthy because it keeps us from playing the game.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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For me the problem is the combination of extremely low drop rates and very bad rolls on inscriptions. Having both at the same time is a bad solution. I would have no issues with the low drop rate if the items dropping would have good inscriptions. This is a problem especially with legendaries and some MW (weapons). If they are going to have completely random inscriptions where you can get things like +1%dmg, +4% ammo drop rate and +5% weapon dmg on the same item, then you cant have low drop rates.
Even with the plethora of epics dropping its hard to actually make a good epic build because of all the bad inscriptions. Now take this problem to MW builds where you get only a fraction of the number of epics but still get the same bad inscription. How long will it take to get a MW build that is actually good for anything else than GM1? And then take it to legendary build that is even more scarce than MW and you still get bad inscription rolls. With the current system it will take years before anyone can have a good build for GM3 (where power level dont matter anymore)
Out of my 5 legendaries I have 4 where I have better inscriptions on epics. Also most of my MW I get have bad inscriptions.

The people defending the current system dont seem to understand the importance of the inscriptions and only look at power level. But they will learn eventually when they go into GM2 and GM3 spending 10 minutes killing one elite scar and dying like flies.

Bioware need to decide on whether having low drop rates but guaranteed good inscriptions (Especially on legendaries) , or good drop rates with rng on the inscriptions. Having both is the best way to have people abandon ship as soon as the next looter shooter comes out.
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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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Can I suggest that the time between killing a Stronghold boss and the mission's ending be increased a bit, maybe to 15 seconds? It's almost impossible to check the entire room in case you missed loot that dropped from a mob over the other side of the room, before you're kicked to the victory screen.


Also... I got 3 MW weapons from doing Temple of Scar three times last night. Does anything else drop as a MW, eg blast  or focus seals? If not, will that be added? 

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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Play only ranger, legendarty drop is for colossus why? WHY BIOWERE?
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