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[Mega thread] Loot system feedback

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: Where is the cosmetic content????

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lol seriously, each javelin only has 1 customization skin which is very stupid for a $60 game.

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Re: Anthem master and legendary loot drops

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@bigmaneasy wrote:

Imagine doing grandmaster difficulty after they fix the drops and get the same thing over and over again even 10 times in a row because there is not as many different masterwork and legendary loot as we were expecting. 

here's the real deal. we're already getting the same crappy Mw over and over and over again. i said this before and I'll say this again 80H total Gameplay not a single VD... how is it even possible.... on the other hand i've been getting a ton of Va ,TF etc...  

I rather Bioware fix the dam drop rate and just let us farm Mw so we can spend the time to craft the perfect one. 
Each time you craft u need 25 Mw Emblem , you wont have the crappy luck of getting it right after one or two craft so say for example you crafted a weapon 20 times and u got what u need
thats 500 Mw Emblem. hey you're not DONE you still need to craft Mw Gears .. looking at the current rate we are getting Mw. how long do you think we need to craft ONE PERFECT WEAPON . tell me. 

PS. I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY GOD DAM voltaic dome even after said guaranteed drop

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Difficulties Loot is awkward in Anthem

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Why not make higher difficulties drop higher level loot, like World Of Warcraft ? this drop rate increase is a super weird design and will just result in what people are doing now : farming only GM1, since there is not need to bother doing GM2/3


This how loot should work at GM+ activities :


  • Blue loot : 40 % drop chance (No more green and white loot)
  • Epic loot : 20 % drop chance
  • MW loot : 10 % drop chance
  • Legendary : 05 % drop chance

And here I'm talking about killing enemies, not chests, which you have a chance to drop an item EVERY TIME you kill an enemy, which also means people will now clean all the content,instead of just rushing to the end chests.


An example for higher difficulty means higher power :


  • GM 1 : drop level 45
  • GM 2 : drop level 55
  • GM 3 : drop level 65
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Re: Loot drop rates after 2/23 patch

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I was playing that day when they increased it. I got 5 legendaries and about 25 masterworks in that day alone and that was the most fun I had playing the game. Now, I dont even want to touch the game. I hope they learn that loot needs to be plentiful with so much RNG on legendary and MW inscriptions. The end game now feels like garbage with this "working as intended" update.
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Re: Loot drop rates after 2/23 patch

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I haven't seen a single Masterwork apart from the guarantees since the nerf.


And I am lucked out to the detriment of my build -- 


I am loosing the will to grind!!!!

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Loot Working As Intended

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So the loot is working as intended now, huh? Ok, great. Now you can see that players are quitting because their time is not being valued. I was having a blast prior to the Nerf, now the end game doesn't feel rewarding at all. Surely the devs can clearly see that the point of this game is to get loot. I have almost 70 in game hours and have yet to find a single legendary. Chalk that up to bad RNG, sure, but I'm not the only one. I exclusively play on Grand Master ever since I hit lvl 30 and am starting to feel less enthused about the game. The drop rates have to be higher. Since we can't reroll inscriptions, we have to find multiple of the same items. If they don't drop anymore, what's the point of playing? Really hope this changes...

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Re: Loot Working As Intended

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Bioware: Pls do not revert loot nerf

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I have played nearly every looter shooter and i am garunteeing the end of anthem if you cater ti these people.


They want all the loot with zero effort and they want it by glitching chests on the worst difficulty.


I love this game and want it to succeed, but i am telling you 100% it will be game over if you give into the demands of these people.


I have seen it with d3 where nothing is meaningful because blizzard hands you legendaries. I am begging you bioware do not allow the game to become this trivial. No matter how many people say they will quit because they won’t and even if they is always the hardcores that keep the game alive.





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Re: Loot Working As Intended

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I have an armor level of 476 or something and I still find new and good loot at gm1.

Also there will be some content updates coming in March that will surely address this, by giving new quests, items, perhaps even a rebalance of gear.
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My ideas for end game loot / loot diversity / more possible builds

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To keep looter shooter, heavily inspired by Diablo-series keep running for years should first focus on making loot interesting. Here is some ideas to make inscription pool more varied and interesting. Allowing more different builds. Some of stronger ones could possibly only be on Legendary items?



- Chance to cause a fire/electric/ice/acid nova on hit/kill.
- Restore x% armor per second
- +xx% damage vs. Scars
- +xx% damage vs. Beasts
- Restore x% shield after multikill
- Restore x% armor after multikill
- +x% Resist all elements
- When [Q] and [E] are on cooldown increase weapon damage by xx%
- Melee speed bonus +x%
- Increase melee damage by xx%
- Weapon has x% chance to freeze/poison/ignite/electrify enemy on hit
- Restore x% shield after kill
- Restore x% armor after kill
- +xx% shield overload (deals extra dmg to shields)
- xx% of damage penetrate shields
- +xx% Weapon Optimal Range
- +xx% Explosion radius (grenade launchers, devastator etc)
- +xx% Gear explosion radius (all AoE skills)
- +xx% Rate of Fire
- +xx% Faster Reload
- Bullets penetrate targets (hit behind target)
- After using fire/electric/ice/acid gear (skill), next melee deals extra damage on target of same dmg type
- Change gear damage type to fire/electric/ice/acid

One idea could have new item rarity, maybe between Masterwork and Legendary. Double-edged MW. Those items could have 1 really strong inscription and 1 negative inscription and few normal insciptions like so:


+150% Damage -50% Accuracy (bullet spreads more)
+100% Shields -50% Armor
+100% Armor -50% Shields
+50% Fire dmg -25% Other elements
+150% Damage -50% Melee damage

These are just some ideas, ofcourse all these would be random.

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