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Betreff: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

by marcelo911

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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The loot system is fine.  It would be stupid to make it where someone gets a legendary item, or multiple, in a day.  Then everyone will have legendary classes, and the end game play would be pointless, thus, resulting in people moving onto other games. Keep it challenging, continue to add new content, and let that be that.  The only reason I am able to play in GM2 and GM3 is because I started out on Hard and got good at dodging attacks and working together with my team to put in some serious combos on mobs and bosses. Don't nerf this game for babies.  If they don't play the game well enough to play on GM1+, then no MW or Legendary gear, sorry.  If they don't want to put time into grinding Strongholds or their daily legendary contracts, no items for you that day, sorry.  I don't sign in and play 2 games expecting Legendary items every time. I have one Legendary and I've put in a nasty amount of time.  I'm not sitting here complaining. I'm doing my dailies in hopes I get a goody or two. I want this game to last.  Make it a game worth playing without making it a game that people max everything out in within the first month and then get bored with.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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This my suggestion to the EA/Bioware team; change the way inscriptions are applied to items to were players can change the inscriptions to what they want; with inside the current rule set of what primary and secondary attribute can be applied to that item. Then make it cost crafting materials to change each one. This will still allow you to still control the acquisition time of players working toward their designed build, but also allow players to be able to know they can reach an achievable goal if they do put in enough time into the game. Without the whole game of chance mechanic that tends to upset players because many do not understand how probability works and think more items dropping will net them the desired outcome when the acquisition time fame is fixed.


How you can handle the situation where players right now have a lot of materials is make the cost to change the inscriptions a percentage of the total value while factoring in minimal and maximum thresholds. So for example to change a masterwork inscription the minimal value could be 50 masterwork embers or 15% of the total value if the total masterwork embers the player has is more than 500, where maximum cost value cannot exceed 100 masterwork embers. I am not suggesting those values but I wanted to add numbers so its clearer how this can work.


I think it would work as a win/win for both sides. If players know for a fact if they spend for example 120 hours in game they could have fully customized masterwork build and if they spent 300 hours in game playing they could have a fully customized legendary build; they will have clear path they know if they spend the time on they can get to and it’s not up to chance or obscured. While at the same time EA/Bioware still has full control over how much engagement time is required from players to reach their end goals.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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Honestly, I am only at a rating of 440 at the moment and just recently started finding masterwork items. I think it's maybe because I hit the epic rating when I reached 410. I played a session of about 4 hours and found 5 masterwork items. Two of them were duplicates which didn't set well with me, but finally be able to see masterworks drop was pretty sweet. Now, those are the only masterwork items I currently own and I know as I find more the main thing will be the inscriptions. Also, I found those on hard difficulty which I assume is a lot harder to find than in the grandmaster difficulties. I have yet to try the grandmaster difficulties because I am only 29 at the moment. So, that is it in my experience so far. Five masterworks in 4 hours on hard difficulty doesn't seem too bad. If I had found only 5 doing grandmaster 2 or even 1 then I would be a little annoyed. In my opinion it's not too bad, but it could definitely be better. I am a little worried about the frequency of duplicates though if I already found 2 duplicates out of my first 5.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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I think we can all agree that loot is not dropping/rolling how we would like it.


At the moment you really need the max effective Luck stat on your gear to get any decent quantity of drops. I run with 98 because that's as close as I can get to the 90 Luck that makes a difference. I get a decent amount of drops, the occasional Legendary. It's ok.


Personally I really don't see the need for Luck/Harvesting in the game. It is just a meaningless stat in a huge pool of stats. I know they increase drop rate. Why do we need to make a build that increases Drop rate, or increases the materials you get from harvesting?


The real problem though starts when we look at the drops we get.


I have components with two different +ammo. Not guns, but suit components.

I had a MW Universal Component "Softened Blows" drop with +1% Sniper Damage and +1% Damage Resist, this is completely pointless, both these stats do absolutely nothing, they might as well have been blank.


I got a Legendary Universal Component with +38% Aura Eff. This now makes it an Interceptor component, not universal.


Components should have Suit Inscriptions on them.
Guns should have Gun Inscriptions on them, for the gun type they are.
Grenades should not have two +ammo for different gun types, or +1% Damage and +3% Damage on them.


Blast Detonators should always have +Blast Damage. Ice grenades should always have +Ice. Fire should always have +Fire etc.


Having Random rolls is great. It doesn't mean it should be totally random perks. It means you have a stat that rolls with a random number between, say, 100 and 500.


We would all be searching for that sweet +500% fire damage roll, that would make the chase more fun, that would make the chase meaningful.


On a slightly unrelated note. Killing the Titans in the event should give you something decent the first time you kill it. Not 1 Rare and 1 Epic.


I do really enjoy the game, but I am really dreading going back to Tarsis to find out what sort of dross is in my backpack. "Oh wow a Legendary. Hmm, I bet it's crap." (it was).

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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@ImVereon wrote:

The loot system is fine.  It would be stupid to make it where someone gets a legendary item, or multiple, in a day.  

You are completely missing the point, whether it is deliberate or not, I am not sure. This is not Destiny. Legendaries (exotics in Destiny) do not all drop with the same rolls. There needs to be a decent number of drops so you can use the one with the best roll for your build. The vast majority of people will not get a decent roll first time, or from my experience, tenth time.


If you are one of these people who just look at gear score and think that's it, then fine, you don't need drops. Your first legendary will be put on and, the next legendary will be put on and all is fine. Before long you will be decked out in Legendary Gear and you will be ready for nothing. You will be carried through content by some Fire Breathing Dragon of a Colossus or a Sniping Interceptor. It's all good.


If you like to min/max your builds if you want to synergise your load outs depending on which content you are doing, then the loot system at the moment is a nightmare.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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Progression via loot feels like the slog of slogs.  Particularly for the iconic javelin masterwork/legendary components.  Survivability in GM1 and most likely GM2-3, depends a lot more on your components (which give you armor and shielding) than your gun and gear (DPS and primers/detonators).  GM1 is very tough when first entering from hard mode, as you're only going to have epic gear/components and likely just one masterwork weapon, meaning you are very squishy even if you can land a nice punch now and then.  


For a brief moment on Friday, last, we were getting 4, 5, 6 masterwork drops per GM1 stronghold.  Then suddenly Saturday came along and it was more like 1 masterwork and 2 if you were lucky.  Hardly any of the masterworks are the iconic components-- they are usually weapons or gear, which I know have multiples of many.  


I'd like to see the percent chance for iconic components greatly increased in GM1 strongholds and legendary missions.


Additionally, it may be a good idea to have masterwork components drop in hard mode strongholds for level 30 javelins (probably at the rate GM1 drops them now).  this will help players get prepared for GM1, while at the same time allowing GM1 to still provide more useful loot.

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Betreff: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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I currently don't feel like I can get any improvement anymore at all for my javelin. 


The endboss of an instance should have a far higher chance to dorp legendaries.


Currently the true endgame is farming instance in freeplay rather than storngholds, as u got higher chance on getting legendaries there.


I don't even look at items below masterwork anymore, and any masterwork item dropping is worse or not better than the one i already got.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

★★★★ Guide

It sucks. Loot game with crap loot drops. Whatever you screwed up last Friday, do it again and leave it that way.

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

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I am very much enjoying this game. It plays well and looks fantastic but my one major issue is the horrible drop rate on mw and legendaries. i understand you can't make it too easy to get but working gamers cant afford to spend hours a day farming in the hopes of 1 decent usable drop. Honestly its making me not want to bother playing. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Loot system feedback

★ Guide

loot feels fine for me for the most part....doesnt feel like ill be done with my build for the next few months. which is a good thing for me at least. if you got everything...then wheres the point logging back in right?

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