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[Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Novice
Ok, My thoughts on the Demo:

Love the game really feels good when it was available to be played. Apart from all the technical issues which I know you guys have heard a couple thousand times some improvement of life things come to mind.

Being able to run in the Fort and other first person view areas

Being able to see your team mates health bars and status bars on screen

A more updated representation of stuff happening on the map in free play

Your friends being able to join you after you have began a free play session

Possibly a freeplay session with more than 4 people for endgame

Being able to see at least what kind of gear you have in your backback, example in the vip demo it was just rare item but in previous demos it was rare assault rifle etc.

More customization in the future like improving weapons and other layers of customization both physical and game wise so that you have more possibilities and can spend more time before things get boring.

In the forge tooltips with video on how certain items might be used so i dont have to go test everything in the field every time i get a new attachment cause im not sure what it does.

To add to the last point a testing range or facility you can enter from the fort and test out new builds on a target dummy or simulator etc since you cant switch builds in the field.

A future perk of beaming in a support javelin or loadout (thinking like ironman, i know cliche) where at a certain level in the game if you are in freeplay or a dungeon you can beam in a change of loadout or javelin (this might be game breaking just brainstorming)

Gun play felt good but the reticle at certain times was a bit distracting

Camera angles changing a slight amount when jumping to launch or jumping to drop down in melee

More insight in how the combos work and what affects what in the tooltips

More activity in free play, stumble on more monsters on hard etc

being able to slightly affect your loot table like if my ranger is super geared high but i want to try a storm i can set loot for a storm to mainly drop while still being on my ranger

More information about end game cause that what really worries me especially as their are no pvp plans as yet

Future Javelins?

Im not sure what can be done about this but give the javelins their own minor self heal many times in the demo i was just running around searching for health items which takes away from the experience imo.

Listen to community feedback and keep improving the game keep bouncing ideas off us so that we too can be invested in the game and its longevity.

Thanks for making an awesome game with lots of potential now time to bring it home!
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

So I was lucky enough to be able to get in 6+ hours playing the VIP DEMO over the weekend, and I have the following criticisms and suggestions (in no particular order):


- Anthems open world feels WAY too deserted.  You need to fly too far in between encounters.  Maybe add some more hostile animals, hostile enemies, hostile plants, etc... just ANYTHING that gets us using our Javelins gear & weapons more often!!


- Let us USE that gear!!!  I know it was just a Demo, but it would have been REALLY cool if we'd actually gotten to equip and try out the gear that we were picking up instead of just showing it to us at the end of missions and Free Play. You're supposed to be selling this game to us REGARDLESS of it being a Demo!  Let us USE those goodies!!!!  


- Walk speed is TOO slow in first person mode.  I understand that you want us to admire your pretty art (which admittedly IS gorgeous in 4K), but let us RUN between NPCs, the Vault, the Forge, etc.... Your MAIN selling feature is letting us fly, shoot, and explore your open world, so let us get back out there ASAP!!


- For the love of all things holy, let us RELOAD while sprinting!! Nothing slows down combat; zipping around, dashing and sprinting between cover, only to be brought back to a quick jog while reloading (sad trombone). We're supposed to be piloting a super futuristic Javelin that can fly, hover, go from flight to underwater, barrel roll, blow the SH@T out of everything, but we can't maintain our pace while slamming a clip into our guns? It kinda breaks the WHOLE sense of immersion guys.  


- Squad member reviving needs to have MUCH more incentive and downed team members need to be MUCH better marked for team mates.  In the middle of a Mission or Stronghold set to "Master" difficulty (and higher), it is VERY difficult to notice downed squadmates while flying, hovering, shooting, and generally trying NOT to die.  There needs to be a more audible and visual cue alerting you once a team member is downed, the downed squadmate can be highlighted in red (or some other BRIGHT color) on your HUD, or ANYTHING to make them stand out and draw the attention of the rest of your Squad.  As far as incentivizing the rest of the squadmates to ACTUALLY come and revive you, perhaps some kind of temporary buff to shields, damage mobility, etc... could be put into place so that you don't feel like a sitting duck when attempting to revive a team mate.  There also needs to be some kind of "buff" after successfully reviving a squadmate to allow the player to get out of danger instead of trading one downed Javelin for another. 


- There were numerous occasions where the ability to switch my shoulder view would have been VERY helpful. I've since mustered the energy to put Ghost Recon: Wildlands into my One X and was REALLY surprised at how important this feature was.  I'm not entirely sure how you would implement this on your current control layout, but it is DEFINITELY worth the brainstorming session.


- It would be AWESOME if you could cancel your "special" ability without it resetting fully.  At least 5 times I went to activate my "super" in the Mission Quickplay, only to have EVERY enemy scatter like cockroaches when the lights come on, I'm left standing there like some cybernetically enhanced a$$ with absolutely NOTHING to shoot, and a deep, LONG LASTING sense of shame in dishonoring my Freelancer ancestors.  I'm not saying that there shouldn't be some kind of penalty, maybe like a 25% drop, but a FULL reset feels WAY too harsh a punishment for something that might be entirely out of the player’s control.


- There needs to be a more noticeable, visual indicator in the open world to differentiate between enemies, friendlies, and non-combatants..... ASIDE from them shooting at me of course! In the 6+ hours I had with the Demo, half of which was spent in Freeplay, I had a REALLY hard time telling who was an enemy while flying, hovering around, and generally figuring out where to go to engage the enemy and maximize my "PewPew Potential" (or PPP as I call it)!!  If they didn't open fire on me I had NO IDEA if I should even be shooting at them half the time.  Don't even get me started on the number of innocent herbivores that I sadly blew up into meaty chunks because I thought they were hostile..... *moment of silence* Maybe our futuristic Javelin HUDs could have a thicker outline marking targets once we get within a certain range of them? You could use a GREEN outline for Squadmates/Friendlies, a RED outline for Hostiles, and YELLOW outline for non combatants.


IMO, I've found Anthem to be a really good blend of Destiny, Monster Hunter World, No Man's Sky, Gears, all with a kinda Mass Effect 3 multiplayer feel.  The way the game feels scratches that itch for me, and giving me an Iron Man flight sim on top of all of that is just icing on the cake.  I have faith in BioWare and THIS team in particular as they are responsible for some of my favorite games (ME 1 & 2, KOTOR, Dragon Age - Origins, etc.) and there have already been a number of tweaks/changes based of player feedback. 


Personally, I'm REALLY anticipating getting my hands on the Open Demo (February 1st) for a better sense of what the finished game will be like when it releases on February 22, 2019!  


See you in the Strongholds Pilots!





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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★★ Novice

@SicBoy666 wrote:

tried for all 3 days of the demo to attempt to play the game ... i loaded once ... walked to get a mission once ... then the game locked up ... after that the game would not even launch ... click play then after a few seconds origin app pops back up with the play button once again active ... you can click play over and over and the game never loads

Try CTRL+ALT+DELETE and End Task.  I typed a much more detailed response at first and wasn't logged in and lost it all, so sorry for the short response, hopefully it will not be needed this weekend.  Fail Safe restart is reboot, but unnecessary, just make sure the exe is not running in processes and you can relaunch.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★ Apprentice

Generally, I enjoyed the VIP demo. It's a testament to the game that I was willing to reboot the game so many times to see more of it. And I appreciate the explanation of problems, though as a non-programmer I struggle to understand how test scaling didn't manifest the problems earlier. 


My main concern is with longevity. The demo doesn't offer much insight into that aspect. 


The Matthias mission series was funny, well acted, and very memorable. All the fort characters were natural and interesting. But I prefer action and exploration to scripted narratives in games. So, while the many NPC conversations and missions to come interest me, what would convince me to buy the game and keep playing is continually refreshed opportunities in the open world and combat scenarios. 


That requires two things: dynamics and loot. I love that the javelins are so different from each other, and that there are many options within each type. Semi-random loot and enemy variations (normal, Elite, Legendary, etc) are great.


On the other hand, the demo doesn't show how significant or not weather dynamics will be. There's a lot of time flying around looking for a fight only to quickly dispatch a familiar set of opponents. The mix of aesthetic and hostile wildlife is cool, but it's a bit annoying that hostile creatures don't drop any sort of loot. Players might as well skip them.


Often in the demo, animals like Brutes and Arnisaurs (?) would be warped elsewhere the moment I engaged. I assume that bug will be addressed. 


It didn't take long to cover all or most secrets in the demo area. As an explorer, I was thrilled to stumble upon a cave... or even just a pile of bones or abandoned javelin hinting at backstory. I worry reasons to explore will quickly run out. If dungeons like the cave are occasionally mixed up with fresh encounters inside, that could increase longevity. 


Some weapons and powers need further balancing. The minigun or gatling gun (whatever it's called) is near useless, offering neither the shotgun's quick damage up close nor a rifle's accuracy at a distance. It can only be used by the Colossus, which because of lacking a regenerating shield and the inability to dodge is not suited to standing still as a machinegun slowly revs up... even with armor mods.


Storm's bubble of fire is a bit underwhelming, probably more for the animation than efficacy. I enjoyed the Interceptor most but wonder if it is overpowered (with armor mods). Absent PvP, javelins needn't be equally powerful; rather, they must each be compelling in particular ways. So one being overpowered just means it burns through content too quickly or discourages enough players from enjoying the others. 


Visually, it was all impressive. On my 4K TV (Xbox One X), the first Tarsis character's face seemed a bit pixelated. I'm glad motion blur can be disabled. Javelin customization options are great and I look forward to more. Will no cosmetic options be acquired as loot? 


Loading screens and interfaces need to be further minimized. Demo players spend far too much time looking at loading screens. It's more notable when customizing one's javelin and changing zones than when loading into free roam. 


I'll stop there. Again, I enjoyed the demo but am not wholly convinced it will remain fun for months. If the demo does not demonstrate many important dynamics in the complete game, such as weather events, then those dynamics need to be demonstrated in videos and trailers. Thanks.



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Newbie

Levels visual graphics is a success. Whatever a little greedy at resource levels.

Nice but slow gameplay, latencies in movements, jerks ... Not yet accomplished I think.

Shifts in the sound at times, especially with the assault rifle.

No way to communicate with other players in the game, damage especially in co-operative ...

Run / fly shoot, run / fly shoot ... Too repetitive. Boom boom you want it here, too much for my taste.

In any case very happy to have been able to try the demo.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Novice

All was sayed, but i want to mention Coverage possibilities. It's not working as it should and javelin continuing getting damage through the rocks which are higher than javelin then you shouldn't. Also there is some kind of delay between enemy's rifle beam focusing and final shot after - if i make a step into cover after beam almost focused but shot wasn't performed i got this shot being in cover just in 1 second after..that's not as it should be.


Also, a lack of details in UI, lack of info on the items. 

Like +0% (?) of random stat on item i got.. No information on the stats depending on new item's stat..

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★ Apprentice

know this will not happen, but I would love to see EA allow the players who had the infinite load screen test the game before the open demo this coming weekend. All throughout the VIP demo (yes I paid for the game and did not use a friend code) I was plagued with infinite load screens and being kicked out of the raid at random times. I know the easy response is "wait until the free demo", but I would hate to have the same issues this coming weekend. Hearing another response like the "it only showed up in limited instances" does nothing for me. I just want to ensure that I will be able to play the game I paid for before I begin entertaining the idea of refunding the game.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Novice

Hello, i`m running the game on a GTX 1080 , i7-7600 3.40Ghz, 16 GB of RAM and Windows 10 Pro.


Had over 15 hours of playtime and i really enjoy the game when it was possible...


Want to share with you guys some thoughts on the game, apart from the bugs many people spoke about like the 95% loading bugs and the log-in issues here are a few that really bothered me.


The game sometimes closed or simply a random loading screen started and the game just got stuck at 95% or got send to fort for no reason during mid combat ( not because i was out of range from the mission ) and by game closing i mean just like when u press alt + F4 no crash error or anything the game simply closed sometimes it freezes for 1 sec or so be four closing the game, because of this from about 10 or so runs in the stronghold i only manage to complete 2 or 3 of them.


A rare but unexpected problem i run in to 2 times was when a player collected the echoes things once it happen to me i was carrying 2 of them and my game crashed i manage to get back in to the mission but i had none of the echoes on me and they did not respawn so we got stuck on 6 /12 with out being able to progress,  by some reason i was only able to rejoin the mission if i had a crash befour entering the mines after that i was never able to rejoin a game. 


I assume all this can and will be fixed but there is a problem i think is related to the game mechanics itself that is really really bad and that is the loot reward system because you see from what i understand in the demo you do not really loot anything if you do not make it back to the fort by either completing the mission or manually abandon the mission to get in the fort because every time the game crashes or lets say you manage to get some epic or legendary loot and you had like 10 items with you and u have a power outage the game simply dose not care you lose all the items you picked up, so unless you manage to do that safe extraction you have no looted items, this might not be a big deal if lets say you lose the XP since at lvl 30 nobody will really care but losing all them items is really frustrating and i see this as very big problem.


Thank you for the awesome game you guys made hope the open beta will be a smoother experience.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★ Guide

I played on Xbox One and had enough good luck to really enjoy the weekend.  Granted, there were some very frustrating moments, but overall, I was very happy.


Let's start with the bad:


1.  Jittery motion at the Fort.  this actually started giving me motion sickness at one point because my eyes and mind were expecting the view to change and it kept stuttering. (Already noted that speed at the Fort will increase - thank you!)


2.  Empty bullet casings flying out the side of my gun, then spinning constantly on the screen in front of me.


3.  Delivery of NPC lines (outside the Fort) is rushed and unnatural.  It's a minor thing, but it's like watching a movie with bad acting/directing.  It pulls you out of the story.


4.  Left Bumper sometimes caused my character to lunge forward.  Not sure if this is intentional, but when you're hoping for a grenade, and end up jumping off your perch instead, it's rather shocking.  O_o


5.  NPCs at the Fort look blah.  Skin textures are not what we have come to expect from modern games.  The Fort itself is interesting, but appears to have received less attention than the rest of the game.


6.  Dialogue with NPCs at the Fort is trite.  Helping an Arcanist with her worried mother?  Giving advice to the bartender on women?  I really hope this gets better.


7.  Hearing the same NPC-NPC dialogue every time I go to the Fort.  How many times did the concerned husband have to console that failed guard dude?


8.  Screen shaking like crazy when shooting when scoped with the auto-sniper.



And the good.  Yay!


1.  Motion is smooth.  Flying is excellent.  Swimming is harder, but only when it's dark, and that (to me) is because I'm disoriented, which would be the case anyway. 


2.  Gunplay is generally really good.  Weapons will need balancing, I'm sure, but so far they're not too bad.  Will revisit once I've had sufficient time to properly test and compare each weapon in the field, against a multitude of enemy types, from various ranges.


3.  Enemies are varied and interesting.  I hope to see more as time goes by, but I like what's there so far.


4.  Non hostile creatures are great, especially the elephant-like ones that go agro if you get aggressive near them.  That's just a nice touch of realistic behaviour that adds to the game's immersive feel.


5.  The environment is gorgeous - hat's off to the artists.


6.  The music is excellent and appropriate - I noticed a particular music would start during combat, which was cool, but be careful that it doesn't become repetitive.


There's more, but that's a good start.  The game is fun and enjoyable.  I hope it remains that way for a very long time.  Standard smile



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

I really want Anthem to thrive for the devs and players alike, so here's some of the feed I hope can be helpful in that respect:


• Obviously somewhere down the road we'll absolutely need text chat and everyone knows it. From what I've heard it's in the works just a little more complicated now with the laws that were passed.


• Loot pool size and variety - having multiple legendary/masterwork items per item type/weapon class that brings something unique to the table is key to a healthy longevity. Gives us those powerful items that completely change how a javelin engages in combat. Make us feel like these items are WORTH chasing. Have SOME certain items drop from specific sources so we aren't at RNG's mercy with everything.


• Fluidity of Gameplay/Combat - not sure if it was just the demo, but i never felt like movement or combat was as SMOOTH as it could have been. I had to set all settings to LOW to get as close as possible to a buttery smooth experience on a 1080ti @ 1440p, but still, I never got that silky smooth experience I've found in some games


• Variety of Public Events / Activities / Rewards - We all know any repetitiveness in game play is going to get old quick especially in a grind-based game. Keep us on our toes as much as possible so we're engaged while doing these activities.


• Fort Tarsis - Just a couple of things so far. The movement speed was abysmal and i heard already addressed? Every NPC looked very similar, I'd love to see some unique memorable characters that are hard to forget visually and in personality. More unique areas of the Fort - A slum/run down area with shady people hanging about. An underground nightlife scene filled with fluorescent lights and possible drug usage (hey people are cramped in that Fort all day). A affluent area filled with riches, exotic javelin suits, exotic creatures as pets.


• Swimming/Flying controls - Mouse and keyboard as torture, pleas end this suffering.


• I made a post about a possible inventory management addition at some point. People had their opinions, but I missed not being able to at least SEE what gear i picked up, have equipped, change out mods while out in the world. Loading into the Forge every time after a mission, especially with the loading times how they were, was a pain.


• Post Mission Stats - Some more stats would be nice, Kills, Deaths, Revives, Accuracy, Total Damage, MVP. I PERSONALLY would also prefer for all awards, medals, xp, bonuses, to show up at once rather than scroll through one by one.


• Map/Navigation - Additional "Drop In" points, Waypoints, Ability to place GPS Map Markers, Highlight a player to pin them on map and find them.


That's all I can come up with for now! Appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this, and I hope you can tell how much we as players have enjoyed exploring your world.

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