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[Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

by EA_Ataashi

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[Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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Community Manager (retired)

Hello Freelancers,


The "Demo season" is still on and we know that you have a lot to say about that small part of Anthem universe, which you've already got a chance to experience.


To keep things a little bit less messy before the Open Demo weekend, we created a few feedback mega threads:


We'll also be moving around and merging topics, which you've already posted, so apologies in advance for any confusion caused by this.


And most importantly - thank you for your support and constructive criticism so far. Hope to see you on the field soon!


Your friendly Cypher,

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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★★★ Guide



First of all I would like to say that the arrangement of the Demo has failed. Being positioned as a demonstration and expected to be a marketing instrument, in reality it became the same technical experiment that the Alpha was. I've never used so much Alt+F4 in 2 days before that.

Even the release will have bugs and issues for sure. Just dont make certain there wont be such network disasters straight at launch.


Despite the tech aspect, its the gameplay and content concerns me the most.

1) I dont see a variety of mission types. There are only 3 types of objectives - shoot enemies, pick up pieces and hold button to activate terminal. 3 types! No diversity! Some imagination please!

  • Sudden change of conditions and goals (like you're picking those damn echoes but Dominion Storms destabilize the relic, its anthem discarge shapes the surruongings creating a boss - unknow form of life or sort of a golem)
  • Objectives preferable for a specific javelin
  • Actual carrying explosive barrels and being limited in actions during this activity
  • Multi staged tasks (like you face 3 ash titans caught in shaper barriers, you need to turn of barriers first while dashing titans attacks.)
  • As you can interact under water, to create a drowned location- tunnels, where you need to find and switch terminals (but, of course - swimming rework first)

2) Hope to see eventful Fort Tarsis. I like how ther appear random pairs of ppl with unique dialogs. I expect interactions with every NPC, want them to offer quests and events, more avaliable actions and entertainments inside the Fort. Also, event "grabbit invesion" - Fort Tarsis is flooded with grabbits!

3) Would like to see rework of the Colossus'es shield. He shouldnt remove it while using abilities, reparing other javelins.

4) Swimming is terrible.

5) Please add hidden content. Crates, lore pieces, cosmetics hidden under water in the caves and strongholds, high in the mountains. Would be great to have long mini quests with multiple stages through the whole map with riddles to unlock some cool stuff, mb whole sets of armor.

6) Random encounters during freelance. Cutscenes or interacted moments including arcanists, wildlife, noname npc javelins, ect.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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★★★★ Novice

This is not a rant or to bash EA/Anthem.  I spent the entire weekend playing the demo on my PC, and I like what I see.  I want Anthem to be successful, so I hope someone on the development team would take consideration in what I am about to say.


-- Remap the space bar so that it doesn't drop you from flight mode.  The space bar is the biggest key on the keyboard.  While in flight mode, it would make more sense to use it to stop and hover or perhaps perform some kind of an arial roll/evasion.  The left-shift key should be the only one to turn flight mode on/off.


-- Squad members should have indicators on the compass at the top at all times, in Freeplay mode especially.  Half the time, I was trying to figure out where my teammates were (had to open the map, align myself to their general direction, close map, fly there... only to find they are no longer there).


-- 1st person movement is excruciating slow in cities, even when "sprinting".  I hated coming back to town because of this.


-- Emote system is really bad, way too complicated.  Make it simple (hint, Destiny 2).


-- Not sure if this is just a bug, but when you die, getting back to where you last die is a chore.  The flight history (the lines on the map showing where you have been) is cleared.  There is no direction or indicator where you died.  This makes it unnecessary difficult to get back into the fight, especially if you spawn far away.


-- Tone down the flight/swim sensitivity on PCs.  I had to turn my settings to 10%-20% for everything to make Anthem enjoyable.  Before that, I felt like I was strapped to an out of control rocket in a flat spin.


-- Shooting bad things with your main weapons feels like shooting them with spit balls.  Emptying 200+ rounds into something and it didn't die just isn't fun.  Especially when that enemy doesn't move or even stare at you while you are shooting it (this is probably a bug, I'm sure).  Make it so that upgraded weapons feel like it was upgraded.  My javelin was level 15 with all level 19 rare weapons, and I really can't tell the difference between the upgraded weapons and a level 10 white weapon.


-- The menu system look very nice and futuristic.  But from a UI design point of view, slanted designs really suck.  It takes up unnecessary space and blocks things (like maps, javelin, etc...).  This, of course, is a personal belief/preference.


Obviously, there are tons of bugs in the demo and I will not comment on them as this was only the first "closed" demo using an outdated build.  I will reserve bug comments until after the open demo.  I hope some of the irritating features mentioned above gets resolved/implemented before the game's official launch.  Anthem, as it is so far, is a promising game.  Rethink and simplify some of the "actions" and features, and I can see Anthem as my go-to game for a while.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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★★★★★ Novice

I had an absolute blast this past weekend! The world of Anthem was stunning and my Lancer squad enjoyed every glorious moment we spent in it, reveling in the total destruction we wrought as well as stopping to take in the beautiful vistas.

I would've liked to have been able to choose private for the stronghold, i also didn't like that i had to change the privacy setting for every single expedition. My main concern is that I will essentially be "forced" to play with others in order to do everything in the game and earn top level gear. 

You should be able to change the colour of vinyls and make your own vinyls and emblems. 

would love to see some sort of animation when leaving the forge of your new gear/paint getting applied, almost Iron Man-ish 

Colossus needs some sort of damage mitigation.


Overall my friends and I had a fantastic experience, will definitely be back this weekend and cannot wait for the full release!


Triumph as One, Lancers!


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★ Guide

The leave area timer that comes up when you complete a mission/instance is really short.


Shouldn't there be an option to spawn out of an instance when we are ready? Particularly when a game is new, I like to explore a little.  It seems once the cave monsters are dead the game just whisks you back to base. I think I left loot on the ground once - that's something to haunt your dreams. The art folks spent a ton of time making the world - give us a chance to explore the nooks and crannies.  

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Novice
When I was able to play the game I enjoyed it; although like many others I was hit with many of the bugs already reported. I mentioned in previous forums something I think could enhance a players immersion in the interceptor class. Please consider making a lock on feature for this class. In addition there is no sound denoting when your melee attacks are connecting with your targets. It would be much more of an enjoyable experience to hear sound when connecting with metal or cleaving flesh. Perhaps an already aware issues there are times when enemy mobs will simply do nothing when being attacked.
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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★★★★ Novice

1. Make friends more Visible in freeplay. Maby a marker, maby a button to show the marker for a few seconds. They get lost way to fast and way to far.

2. Make Tarsis look more alive, with mor NPCs that are less static, animals, decails, whatever.
2.2 let us run in tarsis.

3. Dunno if bug or not, but the times i was playing with one friend, the party we created get lost after every stronghold. So we had to invite the other one for every run. Thats anoying and braks the Flow of the game.

4. Your UI is to clunky. Make it thinner and less 'tabby'. Navigate trough multible tabs all the time just does not feel nice.

5. (Related to 1) a minimap would be great. One to toggle on an of even greater.

6. As good the world is build an looks, it feels a little bit empty. Let more animals spawn. More enemys.

7. More random events OR a marker on the map to find them easyer, so we can travel from one to the other.

8. (Related to 1, 5 and 7) if we could mark our own waypoint on the map to guide the team where to go, navigating in the world would also be better.

9. The Colossus isn't tanky. Not at all. If it is supposed to be a tank, make it one^^

10. If possible, try to reduce loading screens. There are just to many of them. Try to add the minidungeons (and strongholds) into the Open world, so we can enter and exit them without loading every time. I (and i gues many others) won't mind if the initial load into the world is longer, but once in it, there are no further ones that break the immersion and flow completely
And try to get rid of that loading screen in the forge, that one freaked me out.

11. Guns could use some more audio/visual feedback (and a fix for that missing gunsounds bug) so that they feel a bit more awsome.

12. Don't get to greedy about the Microtransactions, nobody wants to pay a third of the main game for one single skin and the Gamers all over the world are very, very sceptical about EA at this point so there will be an instant backlash if its not fair..


Bonus: give Us a Text Chat on PC!

But to make that clear, y'all created a good game, one that feels fresh and special, a interesting setting, with huge potential and i really liked to play it.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback




I'll start with the negative stuff.

I had massive problems with the same technical issues many others reported. I'll just say I didn't bother to close the Task Manager.

Did I expect those kinds of problems? Of course, I did!

I mean, if the game were ready and without any bugs, we probably wouldn't have to wait for the release.


Despite the problems, I managed to get a good idea of what to expect. 

Immo it was great to give us a glimpse of different aspects of the game. 

I like the part of the story we got to see, I love flying, the possibilities to customize your Javelins are awesome, and the world is breathtakingly beautiful.

I don't know how much time I spent just gliding over water and enjoying the scenery.

My friends and I had a lot of fun playing together.

At least two of the friends I invited now, too, plan to play the game.

=> Mission accomplished!


I am looking forward to next weekend and, of course, release!

Can't wait to see what surprises Anthem holds for us.

"From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire."

[Robert Frost - Fire and Ice]

I don't work for EA. The opinions I express are my own.
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★★★ Novice

tried for all 3 days of the demo to attempt to play the game ... i loaded once ... walked to get a mission once ... then the game locked up ... after that the game would not even launch ... click play then after a few seconds origin app pops back up with the play button once again active ... you can click play over and over and the game never loads

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

★★ Apprentice
Just going to put it out there, but you guys should not have given us the DEMO you guys did, it is riddled with bugs and problems that have already been solved in the more up to date version of the Full Game..

This DEMO version being almost 2months old version of the game is going to do a lot of Damage to the rep of the game before its release, and the fact that you are using the same DEMO for the Open DEMO weekend you are damning yourselves even more and shooting yourselves in the foot.

You need to either have all the problems patched and fixed for the DEMO weekend and implemented or the DEMO weekend is going to leave a sour taste in a lot of people's minds pretty much like the VIP Demo weekend has left a sour taste in many peoples Minds so far.. Or should i say the Less Educated people who dont know that the actual Full Game version doesnt have the problems in it and has some of the "Quality of Life" line items people requested or said the game needs to have in it.

All i can say is that this Open DEMO weekend needs to go Smooth and by the Numbers or you might as well call the Share Holders and tell them "you dun farked it up"
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