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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

by mistresszinn

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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First of all thanks for hearing us.


I played the VIP Demo on Ps4and overall im pleased about the game. A few minor bugs here and there but nothing gamebreaking.


- No Pvp? Common thats Endgame content you are cutting. That gonna keep so much players login in regular.


- Opposing Player Fractions would be nice! fights for recourses, locations (for building stuff).


- Get the Home Area right, none of us wants to walk a wohle wohle minute before we can start a mission. To show off in the demo... okay but seriously not cool the 10th time. Add sprinting, nothings worse than one walkspeed.


- Aad Housing! Warframe has it with its Ships and earns good money with cosmetic while pleasing the community. Showing off on even a different level than you Javelins


- let us color them vinyls!!!! You'll sell so much more and we can customise further. Win win.


- give us executions. Just cutting through the hords is kind of monotonous


- get friendly fire in higher difficultys 


- do get skins dor the skills, like ninja stars or a venom container on the javlins 


- let us trade


- give our enemy's a brain... Its 2019 and you should have some ki that should work for anthem




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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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@Eridos  schrieb:



- No Pvp? Common thats Endgame content you are cutting. That gonna keep so much players login in regular.




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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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After playing the VIP Demo this is my thoughts on the interceptor:


Currently the most nimble and "Assassin" class feels underwhelming. This is a class that is supposed to do the most Damage to a single target but feels like it does less than almost all other Javelins. The Ultimate is fun but has many issues that make it feel underwhelming as well. The Interceptor lacks features/gameplay aspects that make it feel faster than the rest of the Javelins. You mention that it was a stealth class in the intro vid to the suit as well, but there is no stealth and highly doubt there will be any form of stealth when the game is released. These are some things you should look into adding specifically for the Interceptor.

1. Silent type weapon - Compound bow or some sort, this would be an interesting weapon only for the Interceptor to carry 


2. Wall clinging ability - The assassin class/scout should have some ability to cling to and run along walls, that way it can feel different from the rest. The storm has a blink ability, why not have the interceptor have a wall to wall ability (if in trees then jumping from tree to tree would also allow players to not use the jets in the suit (not overheating).


3. Different Ultimate - If you use a bow for example having an ultimate that targets multiple enemies for a headshot/one hit kill would be nice (especially if it is done with stealth in mind - enemies don't know where it came from, and the wall clinging ability - higher vantage point shot)


4. Grapple hook + wall clinging


5. Stealth take downs


6. The interceptor uses melee more than any other javelin, so having melee weapons in the loot would be a nice feature (different blades with different elements)


Pretty much the Interceptor is a fun play-style but the best javelin is the Storm, there shouldn't be a best javelin though. Each one should have a style to it that can make solo play possible and not easier depending on what suit you use. Just a few random ideas to think of with the others that people have mentioned already


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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Standard issues aside it was great fun.


The things I feel need changing:


More environmental immersion in the Fort. Fix the plant animation issues.


Cortex / codex audio.


Active buff and debuff window. Showing stacks and time left.


Instant loot from Stronghold bosses.


More in-depth report after Strongholds. Including synergy score, damage output and actions taken. To compare builds. You can’t compare anything with the medal system. For me, tracking performance will help give the game longevity as it feeds into the general looter shooter hook of always pushing for more.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

[ Edited ]
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The farther I've gotten from the demo, the less satisfied and less excited I've become about the game. It boils down to the fact that the game is not just the part where I'm shooting things, but the entire framework that supports it. This is a genre where you spend a lot more time getting ready to have fun than you spend having that fun. You gotta tinker with your gear, manage your builds, talk with your teammates, and all that jazz, consult your quests, etc. It's probably 75% In-Menu / 25% In-Game for these kinds of games. Usually that's okay because there's some entertainment value in the tinkering if the process is streamlined and intuitive.


I didn't feel that to be the case with Anthem. Felt like there was a lot of cruft between me and actually playing - lots of slideout menus, buried options, loading transitions, the Titanfall 2 XP countdowns at the end of a mission, non-integrated invite process, strange friend list behavior - all that stuff. The best I can say for the overall experience outside the shooting-things part is that it was functional. I'm won't be in the next demo due to travel plans, but I don't regret missing it - I'm not looking forward to interacting with the game again, even if I enjoyed the shooty parts.


Edit: worth pointing out that I'm not talking about the technical issues. I didn't have any to speak of. One infinite load screen, some lag, and a few hours on Friday not being able to connect, but that's it. Technically it ran smooth as silk for most of my demo experience.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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I thought id throw my thoughts on the table seeing as this is probably the best time to do so. I spent the weekend playing the demo and had a blast with it. I really really hope Anthem succeeds. I know its early on so maybe these concerns are in the development pipeline and are moot.



1) I Noted while working our way through stongholds chest loot was dropped at certain stages of completion. What i could not figure out is why there was no loot chest drop for defeating the final boss. Of all the fights, you would think that would be the one that would have a chest drop with potentially the best gear. The one fight that felt like it had an epic completion feel. Not, just something saying the mission is complete and porting you out. 


maybe have the boss die in epic fashion with a small cut scene. Have a chest drop. Maybe some form of portal opens that players jump into or activate. Or maybe an area busts open and we fly the javelins out through a passage to the surface/ portal / maybe fly out and back to Tarsis manually / or something instead of just a plain old fade to black. Im sure thats a super easy fix and might be in the works for a fix.  



2) I was watching/listening to the twitch live stream and it was stated that the elder game is pretty much nothing more then going back through strongholds and missions to keep upgrading your javelin. While this will be fun i fear it will lack in longevity for players. If your looking to have a game players will jump into for a month or two and leave i think this might work. But, if your looking for long term i would give the player base more. Seeing as there is a bit of instancing going on in the game. Allow players a housing system similar to SWTOR. I would think the team would have the assets and know how it make such an implementation. Make other adventures to collect items, non combat pets, cosmetics, player reputation around Tarsis. Id say round the game out to be more robust down the road. more activities for players to engage in other then the only purpose of getting a better load out.



3) keep up with the customization. more the better. weapon customization? 



4) try to minimize the loading screens. loading into Tarsis just to load into the forge just to load out.... sigh.... gets to be a lot of loading. some loading no big deal, too much loading = gets old


There be my two cents. fun game and ill be playing. I hope to see success and good choices made to engage players in a variety of ways in a broader spectrum. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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I read each item Geextar posted earlier in this thread and checked them off my list. Geexstar has summed up my thoughts on the demo precisely.


Unfortunately, the tool EA uses to manage the forums does not allow contributors to create a sub-thread, but if you've read all comments down to this one, chances are good that you read Geextar's post. Someday, every human will have seen reddit and the marvel of sub-threading.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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If I had to ask for one thing above everything else it would be to not value money more than your customers. Please by all means use us to be successful, make money and develop rich stories  with quality graphics that I have grown up knowing EA to produce. Please don't abuse us, the people that helped fund your successes and support you through failures. Please make it equitable and price things fairly for a game that already costs money. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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pls giv us additional purpose of going for higher difficulty after endgame. Some inspiration from games fatal frame, RE, etc... that have more ending story.


Says completing different difficulty will unlock different part of story. So make us to complete every difficulty in order to really know what happened to the Anthem story.


It will really motivate us to grind, looks for better gears and complete different difficulty challenges.


just a suggestion

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo - general feedback

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@Cyphronite Your previous feedback wasn't deleted, there was just some board cleanup and most of the feedback is getting merged into this megathread. You'll see your feedback just a couple posts above your last reply.

@pd31992 It's quite possible the interceptor will have a stealth ability at release, if not in this weekend's open demo already. I remember reading a comment about it here on these forums, but can't point you at the exact post.
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