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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Crashes on Xbox one after completing the first mission puzzle

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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during quickplay on first mission, can interact with puzzle pieces, but they will not change state.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Game is looking good, but here are a few suggestions.


-Loot from chests need to stay on ground longer. People were opening chests with no care given to other players, so when you get there items are gone already.


-I know its early yet, but I would like to see customization added to weapons, so we can change color and maybe some skins.


-Would be cool if we have another tab in the Forge to augment pieces of your Javelins where we can unlock upgraded and special pieces like arms, chest, helmets and legs to change to look of each piece. I see that we can unlock different styles of each piece, but I would like to have the ability to combine items and craft unique pieces that can be augmented pieces, since we create them.


-Need way more weapon types instead of just different levels of each basic weapon.


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Wow, where to start...


Update to my first response #4 in this thread:


Background: Previous VIP Demo player


DISCLAIMER:  It's a bit long, but I write what I'm thinking.


Connect and Load:


So, I logged on to Anthem in early afternoon central US time and played until mid-evening. My initial log in was seamless, connection took only a couple of moments - maybe 10 seconds (a bit quicker than some games I've played recently) and quickly found a server to join. Loading into Tarsis was greatly improved over last weekend. The progress bar made it to about 75-80% and my notifications loaded. I did get booted from the server once later in the day, but it loaded me directly back into the Tarsis spawn point.  Final thought, 99%  improvement over the VIP weekend - at least from my experience.




Once I started up the Javelin I headed into free play; this is where I saw a lot of my VIP loading issues, but again I was encouraged with the complete load of the expedition. I went in search of a world event to reacquaint myself with the Storm. I loaded into a lobby with 3 other players, none of which were in my immediate vicinity so figured it would be a virtual solo game and to my fortune, it was only a few minutes exploring that I found a world event. By the end of the event one of the other players had joined and we finished. The other player invited me to join a party - which 'I chose' to accept, and we pal'd around for a while. During exploring, we discovered player 3 in our lobby and the 3 of us set out to take on the Stronghold. A good test for performance tweaks!


Last week, I had whiplash inducing rubber-banding and a slow-mo lag when things got real dramatic, but this afternoon/evening (we ran it more than once) during probably the most busy time for the server, the game played smoothly with virtually no lag and the quickest I'd ever gotten through the Stronghold.  Final thought, total improvement over the VIP weekend - smooth without neck-brace whiplash and no slo-mo with a side of drama!


Minor Issues (glam glitches):


Small things I did notice that weren't critical to my game play were like moving items in the vault to the junk tab, the function obviously malfunctioned and I had to savage each item individually. Minor annoyance, but I didn't blister a finger or anything As of mid-day of Open Demo - Day 2, the malfunctioning function is functioning properly! All things I required to move from the vault to the junk pile actually relocated and recycled.


When loading from Expedition Summary to in-game spawn, the animation of the Javelin would occasionally play - it's a too cool transition into game play to not seamlessly play from blackout to blackout - just sayin'.


Getting stuck in the map is frustrating.  Last week I got stuck in a rock twice and this evening I got stuck between a tree and a rock, but was lucky to be able to fly out of there.


Occasionally, more frequently on the VIP Demo than Open Demo, targets would disappear during skirmishes, although became less frequent as the evening wore on.  Final thought - marked improvement over VIP weekend - virtually no disappearing targets, got hit by nearly every one, survived to fight another day!


Final Summary:


From my experience with the VIP Demo, I think I finally got a taste of what Anthem can be. Even without a good taste of story (curious to see how they fit story to game play). STRONGER TOGETHER! That is what Anthem is about, it's not meant to play solo (though true BioWare fans crave a good solo campaign), but it is an option. It's working off of each javelin's strength to defeat the enemy that's where you see the real power of the Anthem. Stronger Together - they weren't lying!!


Default game chat would be a significant improvement, but party chat worked for those inclined to talk. The leveling system isn't daunting and you see character progress with each step of an expedition - can't wait to get back to this point and beyond once Anthem is released!


Am I sorry I pre-ordered, no, I'm ok with supporting Anthem. It's fun, it can be challenging and it brings people together.  BioWare has been responsive with most of the technical issues I've experienced and in what I think is a timely manner. I choose whether I participate in activities with others; I haven't felt obligated to join in someone else' exploring, although I was receptive. The few minor glam glitches that I'm expecting will probably be polished in the final release aren't game killers, so overall, I would encourage someone else to come play.


Good job BioWare (and thanks for the fixes) - I'm still a fan!



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Loadout screen bugs


1. Can’t view the full loadout list on the right of the screen.

2. When swapping loadouts the old support item  stayed in the loadout list on the right.


Freeplay bugs


1. Unable to end freeplay, quit and loaded back to Tarsis with no acquired gear. There were at least 20 pieces. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Difficult to complete stronghold, entire party gets disconnected from server (I am in Xbox chat with them when it happens). Does not happen at any particular spot but it does feel like it is happening at stage completions or major part of a stage such as a scripted reinforcement wave.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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 Had a blast in the VIP demo, guess i got lucky with barely any rubberbanding or in game disconnects. Sure had the infinite load bars but the open demo has gotten rid of that so thats great!! Now onto the issues with the open compared to the VIP...


1. Been rubberbanding left right and center, making gameplay impossible. Dont know if im the only one but hoping it gets resolved with the full release in a couple weeks.


2. Random disconnects in the middle of the stronghold, mainly saying server shut down... Kinda making my mind go whaaaaaa... Fingers crossed this isnt much of an issie later either.


Other than those two major ones for me everything is looking great! And to those all up in arms about it being an EA game its their loss. Its a golden goose! Looking forward to the full release and everything afterwards


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Simple problem: I'm unable to delete every Sparkdash powers I get.  Think I have 4 or 5 now...none of which can be removed.  

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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If someone gets an eco and leaves the match this particular eco leaves with it, making impossible for the rest of us to finish this mission.
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★ Apprentice

Here's some issues I observed Friday and Saturday:


-In game chat is NOT WORKING. Everything's turned on in Xbox and the game, but no sounds other than the game's. Kind of a deal breaker for me since no chat means my party takes off without me since I don't know the plan.

-I'm stuck at 80% leveling to level 13. Can't get past that. Won't play if I can't level up. XP is not crediting to me

-Server kicked me out of freeplay a couple of times on Saturday. Annoying enough but my start point was on the other side of the playable area. That's a long trip. After the third time, I quit and played Assassin's Creed.


I can always hope these will be fixed in the released version, but am waiting to see. 


Otherwise, great fun, much, much better experience this weekend. 

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