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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

by OtterChaos182

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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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Community Manager (retired)

Hey Freelancers!


If you have some things to say about the PC version of Anthem VIP and Open Demos, you're in the right place.


Remember that we've also created more feedback topics:


Thank you for your support and constructive criticism so far. Keep it up!


Your friendly Cypher,

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★★★ Novice

I had an absolute blast this past weekend! The world of Anthem was stunning and my Lancer squad enjoyed every glorious moment we spent in it, reveling in the total destruction we wrought as well as stopping to take in the beautiful vistas.

I would've liked to have been able to choose private for the stronghold, i also didn't like that i had to change the privacy setting for every single expedition. My main concern is that I will essentially be "forced" to play with others in order to do everything in the game and earn top level gear. 

You should be able to change the colour of vinyls and make your own vinyls and emblems. 

would love to see some sort of animation when leaving the forge of your new gear/paint getting applied, almost Iron Man-ish 

Colossus needs some sort of damage mitigation.


Overall my friends and I had a fantastic experience, will definitely be back this weekend and cannot wait for the full release!


Triumph as One, Lancers!

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★ Guide

Shouldn't that say Xbox version at the top there?

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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★★★ Apprentice

I can't tell you about the PC version, I played on the Box, soooo.....


UPDATE to this response is reply #14 in this thread




I was part of the onslaught that hit just after the VIP opened up and was able to connect after about the 7th attempt.  A buddy who was going to play with me, tried repeatedly gave up and went on with his day - being an Alpha, I really wanted another experience (good job with making it where you want to come back and play!!).


During the first few hours, it was very bumpy, connection drops, whiplash inducing rubberbanding and the loading issue were frustrating, but by Friday evening, things were considerably more smooth and I began to enjoy my time.  My buddy, from earlier in the day attempted to join 5 times before he was able to get in, but apparently the 5th time was a charm!


Saturday brought with it more of the same, but with less frequency was able to unlock my 2nd javelin after the 3rd attempt of reaching level 12 - it's when I found my true character in this game and when I also learned that each class of character means a totally different type of play style, but it was already leveled and I didn't have to play the story over, like in some "other" game I've playeD recently. THAT was refreshing!  Slapped on some weapons and took to the skies!


Sunday was when I saw the true potential of Anthem.  Connected the first time, loaded completely the first time, extracted completely the first time and many times for each following that. I did keep getting a 'Server Shutdown' notice several times Sunday that continually timed out and never really shut down.  Game play was smooth, the Stronghold battle was incredibly fun, though parts of the game play would slow motion when there was a TON of things happening at once. Mainly during the mid part of the mission where you're getting electrocuted all the while trying to kill spiders, scorpions and generators, but after that the only problem I had was navigating under water (hmmmm... operator error?  Had to be rescued twice, LOL!).


Sunday 8pm CST came too soon, but you gave me something to look forward to by the Open Demo weekend coming up (not fast enough!).


Overall, Anthem is awesome!  It's different with each Javelin you play, challenging and fun! I might not be a 'gamer', but as a 50 something casual player, I'm looking forward to Anthem as much as I looked forward to ME3 (and that's saying something if you knew my passion for the series!) I think Anthem has the potential to become a HUGE success once the performance tweaks are in place and people are patient enough to give it a chance before shutting it down. I'm in it for the long haul though, I have a pre-order in place and looking forward to the full experience.


Thanks for making being shut in not such a bad experience!

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★ Apprentice
Issues I had:
- As everyone else, I had a bad time trying to connect at the beggining of the demo, on the friday. But after the servers came online, I played for around 4 hours without issues.
- On saturday and sunday I played a whole lot of Anthem, and did not came across more connection issues or the eternal loading problem. I know that some people had this problems as from time to time some friends got stuck with the loading problem and had to close de game and enter it again.
- I experienced rubber banding only one time during the weekend. It was on a free play session, as soon I entered the session. Very bad rubber banding. I left the session and opened a new one and the issue was gone. I don´t know if this rubber banding problem is more related to free play, having people accross different areas of the map, but on the strongholds and missions I did not experienced any lag related problems.
- I saw what is probably a little bug. Rare, but happened 3 or 4 times. While aiming a gun, the gun dissapeared. The javelin was like holding nothing in his hands. When I released the aim buttom and pressed it again, the gun was there. I played only with the Ranger, don´t know if this happened with other javs.
- In one mission, a member of the party captured an echo, and disconnect from the internet before he delivered the echo to the shaper relic. We ended with a missing echo, making it impossible to silence the shaper relic.. We had to end the expedition and start it again from the beggining.

I play xb1x, have an external ssd drive, and have a very good internet connection (240mbps) for Brazil standards.

- If possible, to let we choose to transfer the squad lead role among the squad players, so we don´t have to leave the party and rejoin again if we want to change the leader for any reason.
- When invited to a squad, if you accept, you got "teletransported" to the Fort Tarsis. I think that would be good that when you accept an invitation to join a squad, to get directly to the launch mission screen inside your current javelin, without having to walk the whole fort to get inside the javelin and get ready to the mission.

My overall feedback
- I got a little disapointed on the beggining of the demo (as everyone), but after the servers came online, you were forgiven.
- The game is great, I played around 16 hours during this vip demo.
- Amazing controls, but on the beggining flying felt a little different from the closed Alpha. Did you improve something related to this?
- The combat is the best. I like the ME series, but Anthem is on a new level.
- I received and sent many invitations from/to friends to play, and everything related to this worked very well.

Already pre-order, congrats!
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★★ Newbie

I had a similar experience.  I was able to complete 3 missions from Friday night to Saturday morning with tons of issues.  I could never get the 3 Mathias's back to one, as the mission always froze when trying to start it.  Saturday evening and Sunday were frustrating, as I tried a ton to get in and play anything, but nothing worked.


I totally saw the potential and can't wait for the demo weekend coming up.  I hope that the stability is much improved, so I can trust that launch will be a whole different affair.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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★★★★ Novice

To be honest, the launch was nothing more than I expected from any game EA has part in; not much is ever done right.

19 hours of serious downtime for me despite sitting up from 5PM - 11AM the following day - No extension.

Connection problems.

Load screen issues (Main page)

Load screen issues (Between stages which continued all weekend requiring constant restarts and "Join session in progress") 

Rubber banding

4 player mechanics (doors) that forced further waiting.
Walking only in your personal hub (Also, why is there no multiplayer hub?) 

Limited Javelins until the last day (Of the 2 we got)
Group teleportation (I don't want to follow anyone in free play but as soon as someone starts something, I get taken there)
Old build.
Cluttered screen when too much is happening.
Leaked MTX information.
Players picking up objectives and dcing/leaving caused no refresh on the objective.

This game has been in development since 2012 and just isn't good enough, has there been 2 developers working on it for the last 7 years?

Poor poor demo launch.

If you managed to look past the massive list of issues, gameplay was OK for the most part.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★★ Novice

Hey freelancers, I played the VIP demo although a bit buggy I really enjoyed it,  love that the game has zero pvp and I hope it stays that way.  Was hoping to get to try a contract mission to get a taste of it but I can wait lol.  I like the missions we were able to do and liked the stronghold on hard mode I ran that 10 times.  Had a few bugs,  like doing a stronghold with another person who picked up an event item and left /dced with said item so we could not continue we all had to return to fort tarrsis . Another time I loaded in with out a head lol it was kinda cool looking but none of my custom color choices were visible either.  I have not pre ordered this game yet but I'll make my decision after Sunday night of this open demo weekend. Hope they have a good in game chat too.  I think if EA doesn't kill us with micro transactions,  then this game might have a good reception and maybe even give EA some of the favor they once had with gamers,  time will tell , hope to see you all soon,  Freelancers, mount up! 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

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★★★★ Novice

Standard issues aside it was great fun.


The things I feel need changing:


More environmental immersion in the Fort. Fix the plant animation issues.


Cortex / codex audio.


Active buff and debuff window. Showing stacks and time left.


Instant loot from Stronghold bosses.


More in-depth report after Strongholds. Including synergy score, damage output and actions taken. To compare builds. You can’t compare anything with the medal system. For me, tracking performance will help give the game longevity as it feeds into the general looter shooter hook of always pushing for more.


Added to general too.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - Xbox

★★★ Apprentice

Here are some things I noticed while playing the Xbox Anthem demo. These aren't complaints, but observations and experiences. As a whole, I think it's great.


-Serious connection issues and data transfer issues.

It took me until Saturday to get on the game due to server error messages, then it was Sunday morning before I could leave the fort and go exploring. For me, that was 47 hours from opening up the demo to when I could actually play. Not much time to evaluate and learn. I did manage to get a rocking paint job for my javelin, but there are only so many times you can paint your suit before you quit and go play Assassin's Creed. Just saying.


-Infinite loading screens.

Once I could get connected and start a mission, I had to close the game and reopen to rejoin the mission and play. Every. Time. I. Played. Good work around, but it was not a solution. 


-Voip did not work for me at all. Couldn't  hear or speak.

All settings turned on for game and Xbox, headset works for all other games, but no joy here. There are those who can get it to work, but I can't tell you how many times I signed up with a squad only to have them dump me because I couldn't communicate with them. Never made it into the stronghold since communication was impossible.


-Guest code issues.

I got the codes finally on Saturday morning but there was no known way to use them. No instructions, nothing. Some gamers like me are not hardcore. They are relatively new to all this and in my case, older. (I'm a grandma) So we don't have the background and experience of playing since we were infants. A little help next time, please?


-Menus are clunky.

I found it difficult to understand all the menus. It looks like there's a lot to digest menuwise. Streamlining would be appreciated.



*Fantastic graphics that pulled me in. My play time was great and fun. Well done!

*No idea on story because there wasn't one. Basic premise is great though.

*What I did play was very fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be. The control layout was very similar to the Mass Effect Andromeda controller setup so it wasn't foreign to me. Thanks for that. 


All in all, I can see you have some work ahead of you before February 22, and I'm curious to see how it will turn out. So far, Anthem looks fantastic.

Looking forward to next weekend's demo play. Heart

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