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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

by EA_Ataashi

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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★★ Novice

First, my only criticisms are the issues of the loading screen and lag issues. I know BioWare/EA are working on it. 


Second, I had so much fun I am dreading the days without Anthem. The conversation with the Bartender was hilarious. I hope to see more dialogue like that more often. That made the game very personal. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★★ Novice

When playing as the Storm I found it essential to hide behind cover while on the ground. I was hoping for a control option to launch myself straight up into the air when ready for combat again without first having to fly in some other direction before flying up and having to re-center my point of view. Makes you too vulnerable with weak defense in the middle of a fight. Otherwise the control scheme feels great for normal flight.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★ Apprentice

As far as im concerned if EA/Bioware can show that they can fix game breaking issues(major ones at least) for the public demo, the reception of it will be alot better than the VIP.


The 95% loading bug should easily be the most important one to fix aside from connectivity


The rest is just QoL stuff like the audio drop outs, randomly despawning npc's, etc.


Ive said in previous posts, I know its based on an older build and you all say "the bugs are fixed in the intended release build", but we as players will not see that until the actual release. But if you manage to show you can fix them in the demo/beta version, it would go along way to proving you are willing and able to address issues and fix them when the full game drops.


Other than that the game was amazing(when not restarting constantly). Graphics were awesome, flight and combat was smooth and fluid once you get the hang of it.

Some NPC's felt a bit too spongy in some cases.

Loot was ok(granted you dont want to give away full game content for demo).

Moving thru the Fort im hoping will include a sprint option in the full game(or at least fast travel of some sort), but i guess can be tolerable in the demo to make us enjoy the effort put into designing the game world.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★★ Novice



I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and look forward to next weekend as well as the full release.  That being said, here are some constructive suggestions:


1. The fort movement speed, but I believe that’s been addressed?


2. Free play - I know a lot of people are asking to be able to do free play with private settings, and I don’t know how feasible that is. I would like that option, but I also would go for the following because  my issue is not seeing other players, but  being able to easily join or be joined by friends. 


I don’t know if the final game will have regions like in destiny, but I would like to have more than four javelins in the region. Perhaps have room for three squads? So 12 players total, but only 3 squads. Kind of like in some computer games where if you own the server you can have reserved slots. Does that make sense?  That way, you still run into random freelancers, but you also would not have trouble joining friends.  I know it would be a minor inconvenience to leave your instance to join your friends, but if it could be avoided that would be nice.


3.  I would like the option to be able to just join people without them having them send me an invite. I don’t mean random people, I mean people on your friends list. Maybe have a system where if you make one of your friends your favorite they can join you without asking. In order to auto-join me, you would need to be on my favorites list.  Either way joining up with friends is a little clunky right now, and I would like there to be an improvement.


4.  I really like the idea of having to choose a javelin before leaving and not being on the switch out in the world. However, maybe have an outside access to your vault so that you can fly back and change out a gun if you find out it’s not a good one you like. That way you don’t have to load back into the fort just to change weapons.  I understand the whole idea of being prepared, but sometimes I just wanna try out a new item. This might all be moot, though, because when players play enough they’ll understand the feel of the different weapon types.


5.  I do you like the idea of different outposts or something as a place to buy parts - think safe houses from the division.


6.  I’m not sure exactly how to verbalize it, but shooting the enemies feels lackluster. I am sure it’s way too late for something like this, but some sort of different animation depending on how the enemy is killed. When you get a critical hit, it should feel like a critical hit beyond just seeing the big numbers.


7.  I am concerned the colossus is not going to feel as tanky has some people might want.  I have heard there are some awesome components that really be filled up, so this might be an unfounded concern. I will not be at colossus, but my buddies were looking forward to it and we’re disappointed in the demo.


I know this seems like a lot of complaints, but I really do enjoy the game. I am just sharing ideas of mine that I think might make it better.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice

Adding mass effect style duck n cover gun play would have been better.


guns all look the same, no design variance - sound the same - stats make little to no difference in real time play and the graphics of firing the gun and bullets hitting seem to be lacking.


too slow in the fort.


1st person view is pointless.

solo play in fort makes no sense as the conversations with npc could have been achieved in a multiplayer version aswell, conversations are not like dragon age or mass effect so didn’t need to be solo play at all.


no in-game inventory is not a good idea - go on a mission, forget to equip new gun - leave mission - go back to fort - slowly walk (more like crawl) to forge - equip gun - re-start mission - strath your head and sigh as to why this is the way!


game plays really fast but mission are short/small so let’s just hope there are a lot of missions and strongholds or it’s going to get stale like fallout 76 really really quickly.


in-mission loading screens?????? Why??? And they last ages wtf?!?!?


need more than 4 players allowed on a server as used to playing destiny and have a team of 6 players and 3 reverses already set up and wanting to play together.


all in all I enjoyed the game - I loved the customisations - I love the crafting (although finding rare materials to add to add an extra effect could be good as at the moment it’s very very basic) - love the whole Ironman type feeling - love the speed - love the flying but the game just needs some tweaking.




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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★ Guide

@AoDDarkRebel  schrieb:

 I was hoping for a control option to launch myself straight up into the air when ready for combat again without first having to fly in some other direction before flying up and having to re-center my point of view.

Just jump or double jump and then hover. Wink 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★★ Novice

I wouldn't mind seeing a stat sheet for your character.  Which when you mouse over an item you can see which stats change and to what based on the new items benefits. 


I noticed you press down to use an emote and scroll with left and right, but you only have three options of emotes so why not just press left, right or down for that specific emote.



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★ Apprentice

When it worked I loved it. When it was broken I hated it. At this point I think EA and Bioware are already aware of how close to smoothly the official launch needs to be, as well as the upcoming open demo to help bring back positive publicity.


My biggest issues were once I was finally able to access my friend invite link it the code it provided to my nephew didn't even work at first and later he never got past wandering around Ft Tarsis. As a result I didn't get to play with friends (other friends didn't even try their codes based on internet buzz).


Enemies despawning during a fight was also frustrating. As cool as the world looks, it was already feeling like a very empty place and then finding enemies near a dam that ended up disappearing in the middle of a fight didn't help. Place was a ghost town without the occasional other player wandering by.


Randomly getting booted to the infinite loadscreen in the middle of missions/exploring was also bad, and it happened at least once during a time when I shouldn't have even seen a loadscreen.


I really need this game to be good to help give me faith in the next Star Wars game, and I'm holding on to my pre-order since both companies have shown in the past that they listen to their fans. Good luck, team.

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PlayStation

★★★★★ Apprentice

Why I will be putting hundreds of hours into Anthem instead of Destiny....


No PvP.   Please do not ever add PvP to this game.


Matchmaking for ALL content.   This is one of Destiny's biggest flaws.   Kudos to Bioware.


No inventory in the game world.   Everyone who is complaining about this doesn't realize that an in game inventory means your teammates will abandon missions as soon as they get what they want or just stand there mid-mission while they check out their loot or load-out.   Again, kudos to Bioware for their wisdom.


Fun factor.   Anthem is, quite simply, the funnest game I have played since the original Borderlands.   The player is the hero with near god-like powers.   For some unknown reason, Destiny has made Guardians bit players in NPC's stories.   I could really care less about Cayde-6!


And, please do not waste a lot of resources on cut-scenes that the vast majority of your players will skip.   Anthem is a loot-grinder.   What we want is constant new content.   Destiny has forgotten this.


Give us an ongoing stream of new content and this game will become your player base's main hobby.


Anthem is a great game.   Stick to your vision and do not cave to the whiners.

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