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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

by EA_Ataashi

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[Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

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Community Manager (retired)

Hey Freelancers!


If you have some things to say about the PC version of Anthem VIP and Open Demos, you're in the right place.


Remember that we've also created more feedback topics:


Thank you for your support and constructive criticism so far. Keep it up!


Your friendly Cypher,

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

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★★★★ Novice

Snippet of things others have posted that we all seem to be echoing:


  • - M+K Flying and Swimming still very broken, Flight was very slightly improved but still broken.
  • - No FoV or Zoom in or out from the javelin perspective (think WoW zoom in and out)
  • - UI is not suitable for PC, too many key presses for no reason whatsoever (this is something that needs changing asap why do I need to open the map to select quickplay to then go back a screen to launch quickplay this option should just be on the first screen!! and this practice is repeated all over the menu system)
  •   Advanced Video Options, many of them dont work on PC
  •  Too many loading screens.
  •  No waypoint system in the map, this is particular upsetting when you cant text your group cause there is no chat
  • - No Party UI
  • - Mobs disappear after you kill main Target, not just PC related, but very annoying
  • - EXP is not awarded until you finish the activity you doing, meaning if something goes wrong you lose all your progress. this makes no sense.
  • - Lack of Filters in the forge Menu
  • - Consumables menu should be at the forge and not in the mission window, and its very easy to miss it
  • - HP/Shield bars provide no info


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★ Apprentice
Just adding to the points @KeladorUK also repeating some points i think are important.

- I also strongly agree on the GUI... It's terribad.
- Progress not being saved, i had my party drop out (server error message) while i was still ingame killing the last boss for the stronghold mission. 2 managed to get back ingame but couldn't enter the chamber... And died at the entrance. After i killed the boss the game just told me 'unable to save something' poof progress lost. 1 hour of my life wasted.

- Player collision is ok but make the 'heavier' one be the 1 that goes on. Colossus is supposed to be the heaviest/strongest Javelin (it's wat it says in the description) however any other player in it's way will cause it to stop or have 'sprint' turn off.

- When 'webbed' or otherwise restricted and pressing spacebar will cause your character to like jump on arms and legs. It looks really stupid.
When 'webbed' or otherwise restricted and pressing spacebar will cause your character to like jump on arms and legs. It looks really stupid.

- Lack of chat ingame. I _REALLY LIKE_ that VOIP is disabled by default to not have mouth breathers or hearing entire families in the background in some foreign language discuss what the weathers like... But due to people not knowing what to do me and others had to leave a few games since they didn't know where to hand in the 'energy balls'.....
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★★★ Novice

Dear Bioware/EA,


If you fix one thing in Anthem for PC before it launches, please make it flight/swim controls for mouse users.


Moving and aiming while on the ground is fine. It works as expected. I'm not sure why it has been made more complicated while off the ground / in water. It's not like we have the ability to move in the vertical axis when hovering, so flight could just be point and move. Same as when walking, except when you're flying and looking up you go up... During the demo I had a gamepad sitting near the mouse just to use one of the analog sticks to fly with. It works great on controller. It doesn't with a mouse.


Thanks for the awesome demos so far - really enjoyed the vast majority of what's on offer and am looking forward to playing in Feb.



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★★ Novice
Here is some feedback after the vip demo

add spectator mode
better flight controls (especially underwater)
no spawn teleporting enemies
no force walk in fort tarsis
add text chat
no instant recharge of enemy shields
better UI and menus
more visual feedback when shooting with weapons
no loading screens when entering caves
distance for visable outlines of teammate should be increased.
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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★★★★ Novice

Two things that needs to be fixed. Optimization and controls. 

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

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★ Apprentice

Game was incredibly fun and gorgeous on PC. My top issues.


1. Nvidia RTX cards+ Nvidia 417.71 driver completely screwed with my C6 OLED to the point game was not playable and resulted in black screen. Three or four topics created here discussing this. Rolling back to 417.35 resolved that issue. This should be addressed prior to launch if possible.


2. Swimming controls were terrible with mouse. I found lowering sensitivity to 5 and tapping the “W” key instead of holding it helped a little but still dreadful.


3. Infinite game loading screens would force an end task and relaunch to get 50% of missions to load into actual gameplay.


4. Way too many load screens and too long to load. I played on a 4.8ghz 7700K, 16GB 4133mhz Ram, 1TB Samsung 960Evo NVME M.2, GTX2080Ti so bottleneck was not PC. Load screens need to be reduced in amount and duration.


5. Rubber banding occurred roughly 20% of the time which resulted in me having to drop mission and rejoin expedition, or end task and relaunch game (Internet speed is 300Mbps on wired connection)


6. Out of boundary messages need to give you more time than 3 seconds to get back in boundary.. a few times I did not have enough time to turn around and make it back (resulting in another loading screen).


7. Minimap would be really helpful locating others in free play (toggle on/off would be a benefit to OLED users).


8. Add temporary Pop up Indicator on screen if teammate goes down.


9. Don’t nerf Storm


10. Add filters to forge item list and multi-select for salvage.



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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★★★★ Novice

@britishcrumbs wrote:

Dear Bioware/EA,


If you fix one thing in Anthem for PC before it launches, please make it flight/swim controls for mouse users.


While I agree with a large number of points noted here, I think gameplay is the elephant in the room by a long mile... People can live for some time with the despicable interface and the various bugs. However, if the game does not play well (and it clearly does not on keyboard and mouse), they are very unlikely to give it a chance at all. My concern here is whether there will be a will at EA/Bioware to have it fixed before the open demo, and whether the fiasco can be avoided.


Yes, "Do you guys not have gamepads?" makes for a catchy meme but I seriously doubt it will bring healthy financial returns to EA/Bioware on PC...

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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★★★ Novice


I won't say what others already pointed, i only want to report some bugs i found and thoughts about possible features:


  • Enemies sometimes could disappear while fighting them.
  • While switching from 1440p to 1080p (trying to improve stabilty of the game) i noticed that sometimes this change does nothing.
  • 20 fps difference between window and borderless at the same resolution (i found this bug at 1080p, while playing 1440p the game was stuck around 30-50 fps).
  • I found no way to disable the hud, it could have been interesting while playing free roam to take gorgeus screenshots or cinematic videos.
  • While on Fort Tarsis could be a nice feature to have all javelins on the main platform or for example the 3 favourite ones (if you are considering to add more javelins in the future) not having to use the Forge just to switch javelin.
  • Adding a sort of sprint underwater could be an idea, water is heavier than air so the sprint would be less powerful than normal jetpack push.
  • It could be interesting exploiting animals and creatures in our advantage during fights against enemies in order to make them really 'alive' and 'important', for example an ability, a whole new hybrid javelin that summons or hijacks animals(that sounds kinda weird).


Hope you will take care of all our javelins until we'll return to play the Open Demo.

Wish you best luck with the game!


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Re: [Mega thread] Demo feedback - PC

★ Novice

Spent as much time as I was able to playing the demo this weekend. Had a lot of fun and was online when the servers finally went down and I am really looking forward to the Demo again this weekend. I didn't experience very many issues and none that I wasn't expecting given it's basically a 2 weekend beta. 


Minor things I could see being changed or improved:


1. So far, not a fan of the UI... at all. Looks cool but things being diagonal felt clunky and didn't feel user friendly. It took me awhile to figure out how to change the color of my armors correctly. With the level of customization available I would like to see more emphasis on user friendliness and views that assist you in customizing your Javelins instead of getting in the way.


2. At the risk of sounding really stupid the flight between using a controller and my keyboard&mouse was pretty drastic. Not sure what the differences are exactly with response times but flying and swimming was easy and responsive with a controller but with k&m it felt the opposite. I had no issue swimming with a controller but I had to wait for the camera to adjust with the k&m before attempting to move. Usually I can fly just fine with either (battlefield planes/helicopters) and they still feel similar but this time it felt particularly terrible with k&m vs. controller


3. Hitting the button for the ultimate by mistake but not using it reset the cool down for the ultimate ability. 


4. No walking/Running in town seems unnecessary. 


5. Enemy shields felt fair most of the time but there were a few cases where I was testing out different weapons and the shield would recharge faster than I could reload.


Thanks for listening!


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