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Re: Maybe This Can Offer A Cheat Solution - "The Positve Negative Feedback

by EmpressJingu

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Maybe This Can Offer A Cheat Solution - "The Positve Negative Feedback System"?

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Hello All!


As EA/Respawn work on the problem of cheating, this could really be something that can help either short or long term! Wink


"The Positve Negative Feedback System"


"The Positve Negative Feedback System" would be implemented, so players we player with, we can give them a Positive or Negative feedback, which would appear as a mark, that players could see in various areas of the Players Name/Banner.


As an example, just as you begin matching and pick your Legend, you'd notice a Positive or Negative mark next to the players name or banner, which would also to continue to show through out the game, so players spectating could also see them, which helps to further increase awareness of these players good or bad...


Abuse, this is the first thing that comes to mind, how people could abuse this towards players, EA/Respawn would have to create this so that either one person, or the other team mates could not post feedback directly against someone, but in the beginning they are making a post into a "Feedback Collection Database" that after so many postiive or negative hits are received, then the person would receive this feedback. The idea here would be that a majority has a say in effecting this, because a majority has either experienced negative or positive game play from this player, so that this system works to make this feedback system more fair and balanced.


Now in regards to cheaters, if EA hasn't caught these cheaters, but enough negative feedback has been reported against them, that they now carry a negative feedback mark with their name and banner, and here is now the beauty of this system, players now have the option of kicking them from the game/server.


The game server will also be made that only "Negative Feedback" players can be kicked from the game/server.


The question now, will EA/Respawn see the kicking as a problem? Well, if the "Feedback Collection Database" is a majority voice, then hopefully this isn't looked at as a problem from the developers, that we now have the ability to kick these players out. So hopefully now, cheaters will have a harder time joining a match.


I believe that the Technology exists to have such a Feedback System, to ensure that this feedback is handed out fairly!


I have only talked about the Negative side to this system, but the Positive side, is so we can see players that represent the good aspects of playing in all ways possible. Basically for now, I just see it as a "Good Merit Badge" you've earned as someone who is a good team player.


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Re: Maybe This Can Offer A Cheat Solution - "The Positve Negative Feedback

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Interesting idea, except it can be taken advantage of way too easily. This system set in place might theoretically work but you have issues like:

-How often can someone vote? Hopefully the same person can only vote every ... 48-72 hours on another person. Otherwise people that are cheating could easily get a friend's list full of other cheaters and have a network of people spamming "positive" on each other every chance they could get. Another form of protection on their accounts, essentially. That's who this sounds like it would benefit.

-Another thing is the statistics of the system. I'd say 80/20 positive/negative would be fair to start notifying the system to investigating/scanning your account, etc... you might say that is too low for the system; it would scan too many people! .. but I wouldn't mind my account being scanned, being that I have nothing to hide. I think people should be losing their accounts and remaking their accounts until they delete their aim assist. Plain & simple until they find a better way.


Great idea though I like the honor system, but the player base is kind of a mixed bag for one right now.

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Re: Maybe This Can Offer A Cheat Solution - "The Positve Negative Feedback

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You make valid points about people abusing and then the cheaters using to their advantage, that is where EA/Respawn would need some sort of "System Checking" against abuse.

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