Matchmaking with Greek Gods.

by BellyDentDan

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Matchmaking with Greek Gods.

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Why do i keep getting in games with people who have clearly been playing for a year?

I started a week ago, don't get me wrong, i've had my few good games, and a few games where i get in with people similar level to me.


This last week it seems like i only get in games with absolute beasts, i tried Ranked, unranked, both.

Sick of coming behind people, 3-4 shots to the back, then their team mate manages to hit me across the map with their sub machine NOT MISSING A SHOT. 

If i can't get into a mixed variety of games, i sincerely give up, i cannot keep up with the stress that this game is causing me getting my * handed to me every single game, by a guy with 3k kills when i have 25 kils to my name.


Sort it, put me with people around my skill level, absolute mess, I don't play enough to become one of these wonderkids.

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Re: Matchmaking with Greek Gods.

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Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties @BellyDentDan.

Can I ask what game is it that you are referring to?


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Re: Matchmaking with Greek Gods.

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Oh hello sir!

Apologies I didnt mention, Apex Legends.

Seems to be whenever I que with a friend (who is the same level and similar skill as me) we join with peoe with thousands of kills and never stand a chance.


Yet when I que alone, I get in games with people with around 20-30 kills and I seem to get a few kills.


Just doesnt seem like a matchmaking method is in place on Apex.


Anyway, I wrote the original post in anger and I'm already over it 😆 I'm just never going to be that good on Apex.

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