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Matching Making Sucks Tremendously.

by Zrah98

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Matching Making Sucks Tremendously.

★ Apprentice



When Q’ing solo Stop matching me with low IQ randoms who play the game constantly but are trashhh.


Match make me with people similar to kills like myself and have similar K/D 4.0 and up 


Im sick of dumb team mates and this is Pubs not Ranked Pubs!!


Throughout this whole season i’ve roughly ran into 4 other preds and 2 masters the majority are mostly low lvls who have 0 clue how to strafe crouch spam ,no idea what to do when getting pinched.Barely use their mics.



Random teams should be based on k/d and kills per matches, i could careless about 3 stackers in party chat but for goodness sake give me better/ higher kills similar badges teammates.








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Re: Matching Making Sucks Tremendously.

★ Guide

complaining about team mates....why don't you play solo games? ah yes, because you're bad at them

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Re: Matching Making Sucks Tremendously.

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Then go play somthing else bro. I know its frustrating but this game probably wont live long enough for you to have more fun than irritations Tongue out


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