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Masterwork & Legendary Drops Inscriptions Improvement Idea

by WPScorpionWind

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Masterwork & Legendary Drops Inscriptions Improvement Idea

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So this is an idea that I have had for a while and personally think is a awesome idea so I figure I post it up see what other's think.


Masterworks should have their inscriptions modified so that the percentage on the inscriptions are set so their minimums % values are equal or higher that those of a epic's maxes. And then legendary drops should have their minimums set slightly above the masterwork minimum or at the the masterwork max (I'm not entirely sure what the all the inscriptions on masterworks cap out at, so I don't know if that would be extreme or not).


Just as an example, hypothetically


Epic inscriptions (Min-Max%):

Weapon Damage: 25-50%

Luck: 5-23%

Elemental Resistance: 1-8%

Damage: 1%


Masterwork inscriptions (Min-Max%):

Weapon Damage: 50-125%

Luck: 23-33%

Elemental Resistance: 8-13%

Damage: 1-21%


Legendary inscriptions ( (Slightly higher than MW min) or (MW Max)-Max%):

Weapon Damage: 60 or 125-300%

Luck: 25 or 33-50%

Elemental Resistance: 10 or 13-20%

Damage: 10-21 or 50 %


Now the above are strictly examples and likely not even the real values of those inscriptions. I feel like the second option for masterworks would be a FAR better than than the first but again I don't know if that would realistically work or not. The reason why I am thinking this should be in place is because in the 200 hours that I have been level 30 and doing GM1-3 I have gotten a total of 21 legendary drops, (21 with epic tier inscriptions, 19 unusable for my builds, 10 repeats, 2 I have been able to incorporate into my builds, 1 for a different javelin that what I'm running) I have had inscriptions that have been outdone by epics and masters, and in the Anthem gaming group for all platforms with 18.4k people in it, I have seen several posted legendary (upwards of 20) with the same issue. I know I personally am really irritated and frustrated when I finally get that drop only to get those trash inscriptions, I know there's others in my my anthem group who feel the same and I'm pretty certain there are many others out there that are as well. I know this concept has been used by other game with much success so I don't see it as not working.

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